September 19, 2008
By Nadia Leone, Boise, ID

One day my dad’s family and I went up to the south hills. The south hills are very dry with sage brush all over the place. We went to his future wife’s grandparent’s house. Their house is so pretty! It’s so big and has a lot of plants around the house. And if you look around you can see bunny rabbits outside. It was a long ride there, but I was asleep so it felt like ten minutes. When we got there my future aunt Kendra and I went down to the creek.

While we were there we were walking around looking at the little schools of fish. All of a sudden Kendra said,
“What is that!” I looked over at the rock she pointed at and said, “What’s what?”
“Wow!” There was a big thing under the rock that looked like a lobster but smaller.
“I don’t get it, lobsters only live in salt water, that can’t be a lobster”, I said in a clueless kind of way.
“Well what is it then?”
“I don’t know.”

“Lets go back up to the house and get a bucket to try and catch it!”
“That’s a great idea!” So we went back and told the others that we had discovered something mankind had never seen before. And grandpa said,
“You found a crawdad!”
“Oh that makes more sense.”
“Can we go catch it?”
“Yes, after diner.” So after we ate diner we walked down to the creek with Jessica, my dad’s fiancée, and Brad, Jessica’s future step dad. When we got there, I tried to catch it with the tongs and put it in the bucket, but I was too afraid that it would pinch me. So Kendra tried and she was scared too. We just couldn’t figure out how to get it. We really wanted that crawdad.

“I’ll try!” “, said Jessica.”
“Ok!” we chanted. So she rolled her pants up and hopped in. She tried getting it, but the crawdad saw her and backed up towards her feet, now it was too foggy for her to see. It cleared up and she saw it right by her foot,
“You guys owe me big time!” she said.
She put the bucket behind him and scared it in there with the tongs.
“You caught him!”
“Wow!” we said in amazement.
“What should we name him?” I asked Kendra,
“How about Oscar?”

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