Under the Log

September 19, 2008
About 6 years ago my grandpa decided he wanted to float the Boise River with my mom, my brother, my step dad and me. So on a nice hot summer day, we all drove down to the starting point of the river, the trees were full of bright green leafs and not much people were there just a young boy and his dad, the birds were talking to each other with a “chirp, chirp”. Pumping up the rafts with all are strength and breath, and the boats were finally hard with air. While my little brother and I were putting on our bright orange life jackets on my mom was making sure we had every thing that we needed. It was so hot that I couldn’t wait to go.

So, I just jumped in a shallow part of the cold water, right as soon as I hop in I felt the water sprinkle on my face, I felt refreshed. Getting out of the water and using a nice warm towel to dry I heard my mom say “Let’s go!” I was so happy to finally go. My grandpa and little brother and I got in the same raft and my mom and step dad got into a different one. We all floated down with the water. When we got down farther a little water fall was coming up, I got prepared to get as wet as the water. We go for it and water came into both rafts! A little more down stream there was an island with a little sandy beach and a good spot to set up some chairs and relax. My grandpa and step dad were emptying out the water in the rafts. My mom repacks every thing and we were off again and to my surprise a deer was crossing the rushing river. I felt better when it got across safely. I didn’t want to be in boat with my brother or grandpa anymore so I asked if I could get in the other raft with my mom and step dad. I switch very carefully because I didn’t want to get dragged away by the strong river. A little more down there was a as island where you could go two different ways, there was a rough one and a calm one. My brother and grandpa went down the calm one and we, my mom, step dad and I, went down the rough way.

When we came out my grandpa and little brother were still back there we were calling out their names “Tristian, grandpa!” we saw them but we wanted to make sure they were safe, but we weren’t paying attention to what was in front of us we turned are heads and there was a giant log and we were going straight for it. We all went under the enormous log, my mom and step dad came up first I was still under the water then I suddenly pop up to the surface! While I was down there my mom started to cry and try to swim toward me but the water was taking her down. But when I came up I felt some one grab me and pull me, it was my mom, and I was so relived to see her. My grandpa told us get in the raft and of course we did. My step dad was waiting for us at another little island and we all got there safely. We decided to cut it short and got out of the river and walked back to the two trucks. We packed everything and went home. I was so relived to be alive.

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