Big, Big, Big

September 19, 2008
I once lived in Portland, Oregon. Oregon is called the Beaver state. Portland is so beautiful because it has a lot of waterfalls. It is really hot in the summer. Oregon is the prettiest state I’ve ever seen. It makes pretty I’ve ever seen because it has a bunch of trees and lots of snow in the winter! In the winter people can’t even go out outside and go to work because it’s so slippery and wet. If people do go out there and drive they have to go really slow, especially in the Blue Mountains because there are some really sharp turns and there are a lot of turns.

My whole family came for dinner. My family is my Uncle, Aunt, Grandma, Grandpa, cousins, brother, and friends. My Uncle is bald with hairs on the side of his head. He likes to play games with me. My Aunt has red hair and always curly. My Aunt likes to make me laugh. My brother likes to be annoying, but he is my brother and I still love him. My brother has Brown hair just like me. People say we are twins, but we aren’t. I have a lot of cousins most of my cousins are in different parts of Idaho or states. My friends live in Idaho. The friend I have known longer is Haylie. She has brown curly hair we’ve known each other since we were babies. While I was eating dinner a big earthquake hit Oregon. The earthquake was half an hour. I was so scared I hid under my bed. People were screaming like there was a hurricane coming or there was a big fire coming. Fire trucks and ambulances came. Everybody could feel it shake. It was like a Jungle with all the animals whining all the time. The earthquake wreaked up buildings, houses, apartments, etc. My house got wrecked a lot. Almost half of it got torn. Two years later Oregon was back to normal, but I moved to Boise, Idaho were the rest of my family lives.

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