Great Grandmas House

September 19, 2008
By Breanna Brecks, Boise, ID

When I was four not quite five years old my dad owned a business. Almost each and every morning my dad, my brother Avery, and I would go to my Great Grandma Irene’s house to drop off my brother for the day and eat some breakfast. I went to preschool at the time, Avery stayed at Grandma Irene’s house for the day while my parents went to work. Grandma Irene loved making us breakfast in the mornings, in my opinion her breakfast were the finest in the entire town.
We were following our normal schedule this day. We all got prepared for the day we thought was going to occur, Mom went of to work. Avery, Dad, and I were off to Grandma Irene’s house. It was a casual day for the four of us. We arrived at Grandma Irene’s around the usual time, got Avery out of his car seat. We knocked our particular knocked because, she was a fragile old woman and we had to have a special so she would know it was us and not a robber. She didn’t answer the door so we knocked again and again. Then we just decided to walk in and there she was sitting on her couch watching T.V.
My dad said “Grandma.” She didn’t answer and was still sound asleep we thought.
So my dad said it once more a little louder this time “Grandma!” Yet again and again louder each times “Grandma” “Grandma” “Grandma,” until he was yelling, “GRANDMA!” but still no reply. Then my dad shook her gently. She wouldn’t awaken.
My dad said “Go get the phone,” he called 911! Then he called his mom, his uncle and other important family members, they came rushing over.
They both asked, “What happened?”
My dad told them, “When we got here she didn’t answer the door we walked in and found her there.” Pointing to grandma on the couch. Dad said “So I did everything I could do. Then I decided to call 911 and you.”
The ambulance came and took grandma away, I never saw her again. In the midst of this all I was left with this lady, the dog, and my brother. This lady was Anne, she lived with my Great Grandma. My Grandma Irene up until this day had been in great condition and she was expected to live until she was 100, she died in her 80’s. Grandma Irene took care of Anne because she was getting into her older days. We made lunch and had ice-cream while we waited for the call about Grandma Irene. Then later we got the call “She’s gone forever!” my dad sobbed. When everyone got home I got to open my birthday present from her because it was almost my birthday and they gave me the choice now or on your birthday and of course I picked now. I still remember what my birthday present was, it was a brat dolls head and you could but make-up on it and do its hair. Sadly I don’t have that anymore. The other thing I got was a blouse that was black and sparkly and I still have it to the day and I will have it for a long time.
Great Grandma was my dad’s hero ever since he was little. When he ran away from home when he was 15 or 16 she took him in and housed him and bought him a car. When my parents met, Grandma Irene let my mom live with dad at the age of 16 or 17. My grandma was a great person and will be in our hearts for ever!

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