Don't Step on My Flops

September 18, 2008
Everyone has them; some have a lot some have a few, I consider myself to be in the middle. I’m talking about the little things that happen way too often that drive you crazy, pet peeves. Pet peeves are not a good thing, and drive people crazy all the time. To let you know about myself I feel that talking about pet peeves is a good way to describe my personality. Some of my biggest pet peeves include the following

My biggest pet peeve is when people step on the back of my flip flops, or any sandal for that matter. I wear sandals 95% of the time, and there is something about when people step on the backs of my shoes that makes me want to just slap someone. My mom is the exact same way, so I think that is where I got that trait from. I have always been that way. Personally I feel that people should just slow down, and walk slower so they do not step on the back of your feet, because if your in that big of a hurry, just walk around me so I do not get angry at you. I was in New York City in 8th grade on a class trip, we went to see the filming of The Today Show one of the mornings we were there. As I was walking through the crowd, someone blew past me, stepped on my sandal and broke it. I was so mad I though I was going to explode, but I decided not to, and just repressed my anger all day long while my group of kids trekked all across New York City. So there I was all day long walking around New York City in broken flip flops, and it wasn’t fun at all. It gets to be very tiring walking all over a big city like New York, and when you have to do double the work, by the end of the day my left foot, and legs were extremely tired. I had blisters on my left foot where my sandal had broken. It was not a good day for me by any means, however there are also other things that drive me crazy.

Something else that bugs me to death is whenever people don’t act like themselves. If I meet someone, I want them to be a genuine person, not just acting like someone else. This seems to happen a lot as kids grow older, and my favorite people are the ones that just act they way they always do, and don’t change for someone else’s pleasure. Sometimes I see people change, and I wonder if they are still the same person as they were before. I think change is good, but I have lost a lot of friends that have grown older and changed, and stopped acting like themselves. I just do not like when people try to be something they’re not, to impress others. I think people should like you for you, and that that’s all that really matters.

That is just two of my main pet peeves that help describe the way I am as a person. Everyone has at least a few pet peeves that make them the person that they are, and that knowing someone’s pet peeves can also help you become acquainted with that person. My pet peeves describe my personality very well.

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