Monastery Slain

September 18, 2008
By Bre'uan Pole, Sterling Heights, MI

Pictures, images; Too many things have been posted in my head. Murder dealt by hand nor paid hitman. Twisted minds of the world. An inbalance of good and evil. Earth is always a place to start a fight, ending in a war. Intense minds of children and adults. There is no such thing as never lieing to a human being. Numbers, times and dates, indulged the way we think. Me,I, am not a human being. Couldn't tell you if I was normal or not. I was sentenced to death unamed.

This punishment of mine was dealt by my closest friend. From one who shalt not offend me. Lies, tended hearts left in the dusk of the morning day. Yet, it brings sorrow and shame as the sun fades. My enemy, also known as family, meaning the uterus I envaded as a baby. Nothing can stop me. They believe me not. As they watch me slowly defeating them; They should know who has sent me; To destroy thine name.

Tis was not I who set fate. It's not I whom shall tarnish thine name. Shall it be thy neighbor or fate. That has written such a deadly slate? Yes, I know you tried to throw it away. This is why pain shall overcome you. You sent me to slay. I hope you didn't think I forgot all the unfairness you displayed. Now I call you my child. Though you carry no name. I stole thine name from you. So that you will be set apart from all pain.I give you my pain in exchange, which is a lot greater than thee. Lay there upon me after clothes drop to your feet. Your not rebirthed from me. Thogh your my child, I wouldn't allow thee in my womb.

I hope you believe in something. Your life will soon be still. Anything shown upon you. Shall burn with thine name. Don't call me your mother. There is nothing unconditional about me. My walls stand ten stories high to keep thee away. Karma, yes karma, is a great thing. See sooner or later it came back to thee. Religous no more. It hast nothing to do with me.

The author's comments:
This piece, Monastery Slain, talks about how a child wasn't loved when they were younger. As soon as their mother got older, the child became her mother. Making it where karma had came back around and bit her mother. She explains how she felt all those years and at the end explains to her that she has control over her mothers fate now.

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