Becoming the Favorite Grandchild

September 18, 2008
By Anonymous

I was only a few months old when my grandfather passed away. My bond with my grandmother was already strong, but with this happening I new that I would be sticking by her word for a long time.
As I grew up she definitely picked the favorite grandchild and it was me! At Christmas I got the most presents from her that is wasn’t even funny. She spoiled me rotten. And she didn’t really want to let me grow up. I just don’t know why she always spoiled me so much.
I remember one time that she was going to Bingo but, she said she was going to watch me instead. So, when I got there she was there and she watched me the whole entire night. And she called her mom and thanked her for watching me. In 30 minutes I was at her house playing a card game.
After my mom got home I called my grandmother” ring ring” and I thanked her so much she didn’t know what to say. She let me stay at her house the next night. She replied,” I am so thankful that I have a Squiteldunk like you!” but I promise that I will let you stay at my house when ever you want to‼” So that made me a whole lot happier.
Then the next night was Halloween I was so hyped because I was going to be a witch. So I went to my grandmothers house when I got there Carrie and Curren was there. Carrie is one of my grandmothers other grand child and Curren is her great-grandchild. We were talking and laughing but then all of a sudden everybody was talking to me and paying any attention to me and I didn’t feel left out. I was actually shocked, because all the attention went to me, then Curren came along and then all the attention went and I guess it was just because he was a baby and the babies always get all the attention.
Then Carrie asked, “Why aren’t you going to say anything about Curren getting all the attention?” Then I said,” No, I am just fine.” So the night went on and I was just sitting there and then finally I was jetting notice by every body was so nice to me and every body seamed really nice like the beginning of the evening.
When I got home I realized that well, I guess the real important thing here is that “Don’t expect attention all the time.”

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