Sixteen things to do before you graduate

May 20, 2013
Instead of gaining the freshmen fifteen, try completing the senior sixteen before you graduate. This is a list of sixteen things you should do before you graduate.

The number one thing to do before you graduate is gator at a football game. Every high school student should go to a football game, dress up in the theme, and participate in the cheers. The best costumes were everything from a blow up flamingo costume to a dog costume.

Next, every senior and junior should experience prom. It’s a night to remember and you spend it with all your close friends and that girl/guy of your dreams. Prom is a night to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new. The theme was masquerade this year.

Also, seniors enjoy participating in senior skip day. Normally they do it on the opening day of the Brewers, so they can go and watch a Brewer game. It’s going to be on May 24th.

“I recommend you don’t focus so much on your schoolwork and focus on spending time with your friends because you have to make the most of the time that you have with them,” says Matt Clavette, a senior at Arrowhead High School.

Before you graduate from high school, you should get involved in a club. For example, you can join Key Club and help out the community. A lot of students join Earth Club as well.

Another heartwarming thing you could do is join Best Buddies and hang out with special ed students.

Related to being involved with a club, every high school student should try out for a sport. Sports bring people closer together, fans, community, coaches and players.

“I advise that you go out of your comfort zone and talk new people all the time. At Arrowhead, you see a new person every day, so you have many opportunities to do that,” says Haley Mccullough, a senior at Arrowhead High School.

Also, support your school by going to a play or musical they put on for the school.

Take a class you normally wouldn’t take, one without any of your friends so you can experience something new.

Make sure you apply to college before it’s too late, the earlier you apply the better chance you have of getting in.

Loosen up a little and participate in the Senior Class Prank.

Also, get involved in a school event, whether it’s the Homecoming Parade or the Pill Drop at Arrowhead every year, do something you normally wouldn’t do.

Go to the school store and buy something.

Overall the best advice, is to make the best of your senior year and don’t worry about what people think about you.

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