Gone Squatchin'

May 3, 2013
By Skynik SILVER, Whitefish, Montana
Skynik SILVER, Whitefish, Montana
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With thousands of sightings across North America and many more abroad the existence of the elusive creature Sasquatch is highly argued. Most people think of Sasquatches as a mystical legend that has been passed down for many generations, but evidence and personal stories suggest that this creature is sustainably populated on the earth. Names such as Windago, Swamp Ape, Yowie, Yeti and most commonly known as Bigfoot have been heard throughout the world. Many animals deep in forests and jungles have rarely been seen and so there is no reason that Bigfoots are any different.

In the small college town of Pocatello, Idaho three high school students were working on a biology project in the mountains near Mink Creek when they noticed a figure on the opposite hill watching them. One of the students quickly pulled out a video camera and caught the figure on tape. If you watch the video you can see a dark figure on two legs. The figure is hiding behind a small tree, then turns and walks with long strides disappearing behind many trees. After seeing the creature the three boys climbed up the huge hill and searched to area. Upon doing this they found footprints near where they saw figure. After seeing these they photographed the footprints.

Many stories across the country have come to surface about Bigfoot but this one is different it is close to home. In the summer of 2001 in Billings, MT it is rumored that a rancher saw a large figure attacking his livestock. After seeing this he quickly grabbed a gun and shot the creature. An FBI agent located in Billings and was allegedly called to the scene. Due to the fact that there was never a body found, many believe that the FBI did everything they could to cover the existence up.

Most people would not think that you would be able to find a Bigfoot in New York, but in a video shot in 1997 a baby Sasquatch is seen in the background hanging from a tree. The film takes place in upstate New York. A group of people were out camping when they decided to video their campfire conversation. In the background of the film just above a tent a large figure walks past and a smaller figure appears to grab onto a tree. As the video progresses the smaller figure is seen swinging from branch to branch much like apes do. Some say a small human could perform a hoax like this, but the way the figure swings is unmatchable by a human. Many believe that an escaped pet ape is the answer but upon further investigation the size compares to that of a chimpanzee. So chimpanzee expert Jane Goodall was called in and confirmed that the creature in the video was not a chimpanzee.

Although many hoaxes are attempted these accounts have made quite a stir and even have evidence to prove them. Bigfoots may be elusive but cannot hide forever and as many people have witnessed this so called mythical creature up close. With all of the sightings across the world it is only a matter of time before this species is discovered and proven by science.

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