September 17, 2008
By Calvin moore, Morehead, NC

My first time riding a snowboard was when I was 10 years old. I have never been so sore in my life attempting to grasp this concept of snowboarding. One moment I remember the most is when I was 11years old.
When I was 11 I was descent not great but OK. I was going to attempt to ride a rail. I was so scared cause it was snowing so hard that I could barley even see the rail that I was attempting to ride plus it was like 10 degrees and you have a wind chill that made it feel like it was -26 degrees. Next I started to carve up to the rail, it was so icy I almost slipped but I managed to recover just in time and hit the little jump. Finally I hit the little jump to get on to the rail next thing I know I was sliding on the rail. I felt like I was going moc 4. Unexpectedly I got to the end of the rail and fell right on to my butt.

Another moment I remember was my first time riding a black diamond. I was so nerves on the lift that took you to the top of the mountain, also the lift is shaking the whole time up to the top. Finally I get to the top, I get off the lift and turn to the left which is where the advanced slopes are located. Today was a perfect day for snowboarding, the conditions were great there was about 4 inches of powder, just enough so you wouldn’t slip on the ice butt not so much powder your board would sink in to the powder. Next I started to go down the slope, my beanie wasn’t doing much work head was still cold. As I started to pick up speed my body wanted to fall backwards but that would have been worse cause if that had happened I would have tumbled down the slope so I didn’t. Finally I was at the bottom of the slope. I had completed going down the slope. One thing I have learned is to slow down before a rail and carve when on a black diamond not to go straight down the slope.

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TTaylor 101 said...
on Sep. 21 2008 at 10:38 pm
I am lovin your story man!!!

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