Experience From a Roller Coaster

September 17, 2008
Errrrhhhh! Went the sound of the coaster as it jerked to a halt, a couple feet in front of us. As I stood in line while in Sea World with my best friend Nadia the horn blasted letting us know we were next to get on. We were about to get onto the ‘Journey to Atlantis’ roller coaster; one of the smaller and wettest roller coasters in Sea World. Nadia is about the same height as me with medium length hair and beautiful brown eyes; we have known each other since kindergarten and have been best friends since kindergarten; we almost have the same personality, except that she has a calmer coaster type of mind and I have a more wild and exciting coaster mind. As we waited we kept talking about how this was the first ride we’ve ever been on without an adult and with each other.

Nadia blurted “I have to pee, come on Chelsea lets go to the bathroom”

I spoke back “We now get to the beginning of the line and you have to go to the bathroom”.

She said “No I’ve had to go since about 30 minutes ago”

I said “Sure, come on we are going to get what we’ve been waiting for in the last 45 minutes”.

I knew she was trying to chicken out of going onto the ride, but again we were only 9 years old, so who could blame her. All of a sudden the horn blasted through our ears. It caused such a racket that we sprang into the misted gold ride trimmed in red and silver ancient designs, coaster. Then some man with black oily hair and eyes as blue as a pool told us all the boring instructions they tell you when you get on a roller coaster. He paused and the next thing I know the ride jerked to life and we were off.
As the tracks rumbled beneath us, butterflies grew in my stomach as I realized that we were no longer in the sun light we were in a pitch dark cave with the sounds of dripping water from every which way. At that moment a figure on the wall started screeching pointers to us in an accent hard to describe. It was as if we were now underneath water. Right then all these neon colored lights started churning around us, it felt like we were being flipped over and over again. I hadn’t noticed that Nadia and I were grasping each other as if choking one another. All of a sudden we flew down an at least thirty foot drop. We were screaming blood curdling sounds. Out of nowhere the ride started twisting down the slope. At that moment I was feeling a bit queasy. I glanced over at Nadia she had clattery teeth and she was grabbing my neck trying to hold on as the ride burst down a gigantic drop.
Right then the ride jerked to a stop at the bottom of what felt like an everlasting hill. As we stared up at the top I knew there was no going back this time, but this time was the time that I was trying something new. All of a sudden the ride started dragging very pace fully up the everlasting hill. Good thing for that. If it were going full speed I would have never been able to make it without one of my parents there. As it lurked, (Already twenty feet of the ground) instead of me screaming it was Nadia. I tried to calm her down, but there was no chance I could do it alone. Right then the cart started vibrating as it took up speed. So hard that my teeth were clattering, then water sprayed us from every other direction. As we tilted towards the ground I started to shake like I’ve never shook before. The coaster blasted from the top into a load of water. After that I knew I had just had the most fun ever and it was one day that I wouldn’t forget because it was the first time riding without my parents.
Now that I have been brave and rode a coaster without my parents I know that I can ride anytime without a parent. I hope that we can come back and ride again. Maybe next time I can bring more friends. This was one of my everlasting memories that I know I will have forever because it had my best friend and me with NO PARENTS!

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FLASH said...
Sept. 23, 2008 at 12:05 pm
I will have to say, this article is breath taking.
Scotty said...
Sept. 23, 2008 at 10:52 am
Wow. What a story;it feltlike I was right there with both of these girls and what details abd descriptive words. this was an outstanding view of riding a roller coaster.
Dawson and Sam`s mimi said...
Sept. 22, 2008 at 10:13 pm
I think this story was awesome. I know a little girl that is growing up to fast. It is great that you can take the chance to be so brave. I think you will be to conquer anything in your future that maybe scarier or bigger than you. You will never forget this and this article is great just like the girl that wrote it. GOOD LUCK

Karen Adkins
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