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September 17, 2008
By Savannah Royal, Morehead City, NC

I had the time of my life with my friend Remi at MGM Studios in Orlando, FL. We rode the Tower of Terror!
Remi is one of my best friends. We always travel together and our parents are good friends too. She is a little smaller than the rest of the people in our grade. She could still wear toddlers’ clothes if her mom would let her.
So here’s how the story goes.
It all began on a blazing hot Tuesday in September. We had finally arrived. We were going though the gaits of MGM Studios. All though there were many attractions, there was only one reason we wanted to go to that park. The Tower of Terror! We saw the movie on our way to Florida. And now we were dieing to ride it, even though we were both deathly terrified of it. We could even hear the screams of the people from the gaits.
We got in line all pumped up about the ride. But then more we waited, the less pumped we were. 5 minutes turned into ten, ten turned into twenty, and twenty into forty. Sweat beads rolled down our faces, and our shirts were drenched. It seemed as if the longer we waited the slower the line got. We thought for sure we were about to die of a heat stroke. The stench of the fair ground was awful! But then a bellhop directed Remi and me, along with about ten other people moved into a small, dusty, old library, in the Hollywood Tower Hotel. The oval room turned dark and a TV. It played a weird video made to freak you out. Then the light came back on and a book case parted and another bellhop escorted the people in the library into a basement.
“Is it too late to turn back?” Remi asked in an unsure voice.
“I’m thinking the same thing,” I replied
“That video freaked me out enough, and this basement isn’t helping any,” Remi commented.
“I know. It was so creepy. But I guess it’s too late to turn back now,” I said while I was observing the cellar.
The room was dimly lit. Yet, still lit enough to see the rusted pipes of the hotel twist and turn all over. The floor was concrete and two service elevators near the back. There was and arc with all 13 floor numbers lined up over top of the doors, with a needle pointing to the floor it was on. And when the needle fell, it fell fast!!
It was our groups turn to load the elevator. The doors creaked open. There were six rows of seats. My friend and I sat in the back. The two of us buckled our seat belts as tight as they could go. “I’m going to miss you,” I said.
“Tell my mom I love her,” Remi requested.
We were certain we would die and vanish just like the people in the movie. All of the sudden, the lights went out.
It was the beginning of the end. We went up, and up, and up. I was ready to fall at any moment. But we didn’t. The lights flashed back on and we were in an old 5 star hotel room. Standing before us was a wealthy family, containing a mother, father, daughter, and a bellhop. It was the people that disappeared when the elevator was struck by lightning. Everything went black, and we became surrounded by millions of stars. We were in the… The Twighlight Zone!
Right then, we raced up the elevator shaft. We screamed for our lives! Then…VOOM! We fell.
We sped down. Then, all of a sudden we stopped and bounced back up to the top floor. The windows flapped open allowing us to see all over MGM Studios. But we didn’t stay up there too long. WHOOM! We dropped straight down. “AHHHHHH!!!!” all of the people in the elevator screamed at the top of their lungs, as we did the same thing about 4 more times. Then the old service elevator eased to a stop back at the dusty old cellar. We exited the elevator alive and ready to go again
So just because Remi and I were just a little afraid, it almost made us miss out on the time of our lives. So from that day forward I haven’t let fear get the best of me. I do what I want to do and don’t let hardly anything hold me back.

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