Moving to Texas

September 17, 2008
This is a story about me, my dad, mom, brother, and cat moving to Texas.
It starts out in North Carolina; during 3rd grade in Morehead City Primary School, I learned that we were once again moving. But this time to Texas! I had moved before. This was the 3rd time so far. Before I lived in NC, I live in FL and was born in NC. We moved a lot because my dad is in the military. “I was so excited”, I told everyone. I remembered in 3rd grade when I was running around in the classroom yelling “I’m moving to Texas, I’m moving to Texas!” in the classroom after school was over. I had heard and watched so much about Texas. Then I was only 8 then, so I thought it was like the old Wild West movies and cartoons, and had hundreds of cowboys everywhere.

After we sold our house, we packed up and I called my cat. It took a while but she finally came! While my dad and mom went house hunting, I stayed with my relatives in WV. Finally they found a house in a community by a city called Azle. Azle is north of Fort Worth. Our house was on a something like a channel connected to a lake. The lake was called Eagle Mountain Lake. There was ducks, geese, swans, fish and other animals in the lake. Eventually the lake dried up, but that was about a year later.

My mom and dad had bought the house from an old lady that had just been devoiced and couldn’t afford it any more. Before we moved in, we stayed at a hotel. During are stay our Aunt Tracey came down to supervise us while our parents were doing stuff. She was the 1st person to see our house accepted our nuclear family. Before we went to the house thou, we stayed at the hotel to watch the fireworks for the 4th of July. “Boom, crackle, crackle”, I was watching the fireworks when I got a nosebleeds. It took a while to get used to how hot and dry it was, so that means I got a lot of nosebleeds.
I was so excited about the house. It had two huge living rooms, gigantic windows, and lots more. My parent’s bedroom amazed me. It was as big as the living rooms (before they told me I thought it was one), the bathroom was bigger than my room, and the closet was bigger than are old houses main hallway. I got to choose which room I wanted, and I chose the biggest room. My room was connected to my brother’s room by a hallway/bathroom. The only way I could keep him out were two sliding doors, dividing the hallway in to three sections. My brother is a little energetic kid, huge for his age, while I’m a quiet kid that is constantly annoyed by him. In between the doors was a door to the other part of the bathroom, which also connected to the living room. The locks were on the other side of the door than my part or my brother part of the hallway, so he still could have gotten in but he never figured that out. The house was two stories. In the backyard was a hot tub with a fountain in the middle, which had a waterfall to the actual pool. We had a pretty big back and front yard. On the other side of the backyard was the lake. I exclaimed to my dad and mom, “This is awesome.”, “I wonder what it will look like with the furniture.” ”It cost a lot of money, so if you break anything you pay for it”, my dad said. That took some excitement out of me, but I was still really excited. After, I started running around and taking in more detail. When the furniture arrived I helped organize it, which was fun. Once I got lost in it. Eventually I got used to it like all the other houses. After two years, we moved back (for the 3rd time) to North Carolina.
The moral is: Moving isn’t bad at all.

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MrsHaines said...
Sept. 25, 2008 at 2:10 pm
I used to live in Texas too! I guess from your impressions, everything in Texas really is bigger:)
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