Changing Diapers

September 17, 2008
By Diamynde Coleman, Morehead City NC, NC

Nervously, I stood at the end of my mother’s bed, with my brother, Emmanuel in front of me, and my mother over my shoulder. I grabbed a diaper from one of the two stacks, like my mother does every time she changes my brother’s diaper. Letting out a deep sigh my mom asked, “Why are you so nervous?”, as I reached for a wet baby wipe.
“I don’t know” I said while seizing my brother as he laughed and squirmed all over the bed, as he strained to get, he some how managed to get away from me. Not knowing what to do next, I quickly scooted my brother back in front of me. “Honey slow down please”, said my mom in an irritated tone.
Smirking I said “ok mom”, letting out a long sigh I placed a diaper on my brother, and pulled his pants up steadily careful not to knock him over. “You need to be more careful like that more often”, said a mother with a smile on her face.
“Come on mom give me a break,” I said laughing as I passed my brother to my mom.
“But,” said my mom “you put the wrong size on him” she said calmly.
“What” I said in astonishment, “how did I do that,” I stared blankly into space, while my mom put the correct size on my brother. Till this day me, and my mom share a laugh every time we think about it. Now I know that whenever I try something new, always be patient, don’t panic, and take your time. Also try, try, and try your best no matter if you’re not good at it, because if you practice you take the time to learn you can always become good at it. So when ever I am doing something I take my time.

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