September 17, 2008
By james bragan, Morehead, AK

One day I was out skateboarding with my friends Joseph trey and Brandon then trey said hey James want to lean a new trick.
Ya show me .I said then trey showed me I tried it but fell then Brandon nailed it on the first try
so we went to hardies to skate I did many other trick like the kick flip and the heel flip then when I went for the double kick flip a guy in hardiest came out and made us leave so we went to the plaza then Joseph said let go grind the bench
Ok I said then I went for the new trick which was a back words nose grind then CRASH!!!I fell and busted the back of leg against the bench my
Friends told me to go home and I said I was fine and ignored it then we went down to the docks so we stop at kispenows to get a bite we staid their for about thirdly min then
We went to the docks win we got there Brandon said let go swimming
Why not I said and I jump off the dock I forgot about my cut when I hit the salt water I screamed trey and Brandon said at the same time what’s wrong
I forgot about my leg I said I got right out the water it was still burning and I wanted to swim so I tried to get back in the water but it kill my leg so just talked to Joseph because he did not want to get wet on home I grinded the curve and tried that trick again and fell again

The nest day we went out side of doctor griffins offices to skate we did so many tricks then my leg stared to get stiff and so I had to walk to Shevens Park we did so stupid stuff their like get on the tire swing get it moving then we and jump on our boards and another thing that we did is ride down the slide on our boards I grinded the slid and nailed the new trick Finally then I went home and my brother ask me to show hem the trick and then I told him to come out side and watch me.

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