One Time I Played Tee Ball

September 17, 2008
When I was 5 I started playing tee ball. But one game was a good game for me. It was at Beaufort Park My dad was one of the couches for the team. But he was not pitching to me. I for got the name the of the head couch but he was cool. During the game it was my tern to hit. So I got up to the bag, which is called home plate and the head couch, said, “Get ready too hit and get in your stands.” I said, “Ok” and he throw it. I missed the second time too.
Was thing to remember what my dad said, “keep your eyes on the ball.” When my dad and I use to practices hitting and throwing the ball in the front yard.
So on that last ball I was nerves. While I was whiting I keep thicken about what my dad said and I hit that ball and it whent into the air. Into left and center field. All I can remember is running to first base and me being so proud of my self and every body cheering me on. It was cool to now that I was the star of the play.
So always remember to keep your eyes on the ball and don’t stop trying and always do what the couch says and do your best the Baseball field or on the tee ball field. Oh and don’t for get to practice and get your mom or dad to help you.

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