Personal Narative Essay

September 17, 2008
By Jacob Foster, Morehead City, NC, NC

I was getting up and I got on my blue shirt then set on my shoes and socks then I thought about what day it was “it was the day of the E.O.G.” I said out loud. the day that tests what we had learned all year I was a little scared then I took a minute and thought about it and my eyes grew wide and I screamed at the top of my lungs “It’s the day of the E.O.G!” I ran down the stairs and grabbed a sheet of paper and started to study I studied for so long I had to skip breakfast (and I started at 6A.M). Eventually the bus arrived and I studied on there too I was so scared that I didn’t know what I was reading when I read it which did not help.

Derrick and I arrived at school I checked the clock, It was still early and I had time to eat breakfast at school, I was still so scared about the E.O.G, everyone thought it would be easy but me. They assured me it was very simple like a regular test. I just didn’t understand how they could be so calm if it were a test where your whole grade was on the line, I mean that one test that if you fail it then your whole year just wasted.
It was almost time to take the test, but the teacher gave us an example of what the test would be like. It looked like it was on a different level because it had numbers everywhere which made me feel even worse than before. The numbers were spaced in a way that when you looked at it somehow it freaked you out, or maybe it was me but either way IT WAS FREAKY. I thought about it and said “its not THAT bad” but then someone walked in with a test with about 50 pages.

It wasn’t the Math E.O.G, I was freaking out about the Reading E.O.G. I was at school about to take the test. I was very nervous. It was in a small classroom with about 5 other students (most of them looked familiar from the other years of school). Then there was a teacher who had green eyes, striped blue pants, and a white shirt. it was cloudless but I felt grey and storm all around me I wished the ground would open and swallow me.

The teacher kept talking about the test. “What is the E.O.G going to be like?” I asked. She just kept going as if she hadn’t herd me or just decided to ignore me. I was afraid I would fail. My palms were soaked in sweat and I received the E.O.G. I did number 1 the problem was 2 3= that was easy because it was the warm up. But the I worried and the teacher said “Now turn the page and the real E.O.G will begin.” I turned the page and I didn’t understand then I observed it closer and thought about it harder. Soon the problems weren’t so hard. Then a few more I got a little more used to it. And about five or six it was pretty easy. I finished the E.O.G and handed it in proudly. When I heard the test being mentioned on the answering machine I was eager to hear my scores. I heard that I had made a 4 on the Reading E.O.G and a 3 on the Math E.O.G I hoped for a better grade but I was still happy that I had passed. That day I learned that not many things are as hard as you think when it really matters. I decided to try harder on the next test and try to score both 4s but for then it was good enough for me.

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MrsHaines said...
on Sep. 25 2008 at 2:01 pm
I didn't know quite how much anxiety the EOG caused for students - you did a good job of creating that anxiety with your words.


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