Personal Naritive

September 17, 2008
By Hunter Dees, Morehead City, NC

I could never go back to 2nd grade not after what happened that day. It was September 11th, 2001 and my day started bad I forgot to put on my brand new velvet red power rangers tee shirt ,woke up late (my alarm clock forgot to go off), missed the bus, and forgotten to eat breakfast. My dad had to come back and pick me up but wasn’t too happy. Once I got to school I knew my day would only get worse. After math the blonde hair teacher asks me, “Are you ok hunter?”

“Yes”, I said, “But I’m having a bad day I woke up late Missed the bus, Had nothing to eat, and I wasn’t to hot today during math.”

“I see”, my teacher said, “but if you’re feeling bad let me know and I’ll let you go see the school nurse.”

“Ok”, I said feeling happier that my teacher had said that. As we moved on to language arts an announcement came on through the intercom it was the school secretary, “we have just been attacked, one of the twin towers have just been attacked” , as we watched a million tears ruin down the teachers face she ran out of the room another announcement came through the intercom, “ twin tower number two has just been attacked twin tower number two has just been attacked.” As you heard the sound of sadness in the secretary’s voice we all heard a girl crying in the back of the class every one looked at her we wondered what was going on (we were all to young to understand something like this and how important it was) and then it hit me our teacher had family that lived in New York that worked at the first twin tower she told us this at the first part of school. As I was thinking about what she had said a lot of more people started crying as soon as I looked there were 10 people crying that were around me. The vice principle came in and calmed some people down but it just got worse and worse. The day went by after that our teacher never came back though I was hoping she would all the vice principle did was just yell at us to, “shut up.” Then the bell rang it was time to go home .

When I was on the bus hardly anyone was on it most everyone got rides home earlier but when I got home everyone was there my brother must have gotten picked up because I always get home first. After about two hours of really no talking just watched the news my mom decided enough was enough and turned off the TV. We went up the street to a restraunt we spent about two hours there and went back home. We never really talked that day but I wish we did. In all it was a bad day but I’m glad they got some of the people out of the towers before they collapsed fire fighters from all over went to help. I learned to be more thankful to have my family member still alive in my family and to help them out because they could be dead right now.

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