Soccer Finals

September 17, 2008
I’ll never forget the time my soccer team got to go to the championships. It feels like it was just yesterday, the adrenaline was running through my body. Listening to the crowd cheering us on.

It was a warm, cloudy day at JASA soccer field. Just my coach, my team, the fans, and of course me. It was lighting, thundering, and we were scared! The first half was rough the score was 0 to 0. This half was boring. I had to sub out. My coach came over to me and said, “You need to work on something, do you know what it is?
“Is it passing to someone?” I asked nervously
“No, it’s shooting. Your shooting to much just relax and shot when you have to.” He said

Second half score was still tied up. Two people were out due to knee and ankle injuries. All other players must complete the reminder of the game. There are NO substitutions! It is hot, humid and about 1pm on a day in August. The rival team has only 1 player out due to a nose injury caused by face plant to ball. This makes both equal in active players of eight girls on each team. We are all tired, thirsty, and hungry for the winning trophy!

The rival goalie, Lexi, punts the ball toward Deborah, the midback, But she is unable to get it because Rachel head buts the ball to me, I passed the ball to Mary. Mary shots the ball and it’s a score by number eleven, Mary. The score is now one to one and I was so mad that they had scored first. We would have more than five goals by now. The other team has possession of the ball and is taking it down the field. Then the center, Hannah, has the ball. She dribbles past me and Rachel. The full back, Catherine steals the ball and passes the ball up to Rachel and she passes the ball up to me. I dribble the ball harshly around the midback on then I get stopped in my tracks by the full-backs, Karen and Elizabeth. They double teamed me and I did an amazing move called the “pull-back” then it was just me and the goalie. She came out of the eighteen yard box and tried to grab the ball but I couldn’t let her have it so I shot the ball and scored.

“The score is now two to one all we need is to keep the score the same and then we can rap this game up and go home with the championship trophy is our hands,” said coach as we drank some water from the cooler.
“But coach we have just twenty to thirty minutes left in the game how can we last that long,” Catherine said as she was getting her war face back on.
“Coach Can I go in for Megan in goal?” I said with a begging expression on my face as I ran over to Megan and smiled.

Now that the game is almost over and I was in goal. Rachel and Payton were my full-backs. Catherine and Mary as the midbacks, and last Sabrina and Samantha as our forwards. The score was nine to seven and I couldn’t believe my eyes the game has gone in to over time and I haven’t been score on except for maybe twice. That’s pretty good! Nervously I waited as the other team dribbled the ball down the field. As I waited for the shot I wondered if I miss if it will be my fault that we will lose. If it is I will be so devastated that it happened.

As all the players tried to stop them and failed. Now it was all up to me. I had failed once before and was not going to fail this time, I was positive.
“Coach, what about Payton she is hurt,” I screamed to tell coach that his own daughter was down.
“She is ok!” He said as she got up knowing that we had to win this.

Once I had gone after the first shot I was convinced that we going to win this game and take the winning trophy home and brag about it. As sweat was running down my neck Rachel come to me and said we had just score but Samantha was off-sides (Because I missed it). Then as I was just going to turn around, (It was the last two minutes of the game) we had scored and this time it was not off-sides. Now we have now gone into over-time, for five minutes because now we are tied. Sabrina dribbles the ball down the field. The rivals defense stills the ball from us and tries to take it down field but gets stopped by Payton and Rachel. Now Payton passes the ball up to Samantha, she passes the ball up to Sabrina and she scores and we win the game!!!!!

That’s how I’ll never forget the day my team got to go to the championships!!!!!

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