September 17, 2008
Bam!!! The ball went like a million miles per hour in our goal box. I remember it like it was yesterday, It was at Great Lakes. The goalie kicked the ball and it went high into the air. We where down 3-2 until Johnathan scored, everyone went wild. I was sweating like a pig, I could barely walk because my legs were trembling. The referee blew the whistle; I said “Thank goodness that the whistle blew.” I couldn’t go any longer, so my coach told me to sit out. I was so anger that couldn’t even speak properly because I want to play.
They keep on trying to score but our goalie won’t let them score. Just then it happened, Johnathan got the ball, when that ball touched his foot I knew at that moment we’re going to win. Johnathan went full speed, he was moving like lighting. He was doing all sorts of tricks.

Time was going by so fast I didn’t notice that Johnathan had kicked the ball inside the net, but just than everyone was at the edge of their seat wandering if he scored or not. As the goalie got up the with ball we all knew he didn’t score. Before the goalie got up to kick the ball, my coach yelled time ref. he said that “I’m switching Johnathan with Cris.” Johnathan said “what you can’t do that.
I started to laugh. My coach said “Cris its your time to shine.”
Then I said “Why take Johnathan out he’s the best player on the team, instead put me I’m one the worst player on the team.” He said to me had seen playing after practice and that I was really good and to his taste he thought that I was better than Johnathan, But I’m the worst player on the he said no I’m not .I could tell in my coach face he was getting extremely for what I said, man he looked like a boiled potato, because he was so mad.
He said to me “Just go”.
” I went out their with all my pride. The whistle was blown, to continue the game the goalie kicked the ball so hard he made it sound like a war zone. He kick it so far he almost made goal, but our goalie caught it and pass the ball to me. My coach was yelling “run”. When he said, it was like active death for Cris, because the other team came at me full force.

The first guy came up to me like a bull. So I did what I do best I schooled him. I made the go left instead of going right, I made trip and fall he looked like an idiot. I went passed five other guys. The clock was ticking which meant time was running out and need to score or would lose and everyone would blame me for losing. I was almost at the defense line, I made the ball go right I hit it to my left I did the scissors on him. There I was standing face to face with the goalie, then it hit how to score on the goalie. I barely hit the ball right and then I hit the ball with all might with my left foot. I could hear my heart beating under the sweet soft grass.

The crowed went wild I did it. I did it I scored a goalie for my team we wore victories now nobody could beat us now. We won, I learned how to never give up, to keep on trying, try , try and try again give a 110% push it to your to limit, give your maximum strength, we owned them. We wiped there tails.

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chocolate drop said...
Sept. 21, 2008 at 2:49 pm
it was excellent, but you should make sure you spell everything right. there where a couple of errors like in the ^ paragraph"made trip and fall he looked like an idiot." it should have been I made HIM trip and fall, he looked like an idiot. there are other errors, but you did a pretty good job and i think you should WIN
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