Death of a Friend

September 16, 2008
By Kelsey Beans, Syracuse, IN

She stared ahead out the foggy window, the rain beating down hard against it. She could barely see, she shouldn’t have been driving anyways, with just leaving the hospital suffering from a concussion and a few head wounds. But she had to see him, see if he was okay with her own eyes. He had been in the same car crash with her, him only having minor injuries.

The sound of a semi’s horn blared in her ears, the blinding flash of headlights in hit her eyes, and then everything went black.

He lat his head near hers as he say uncomfortable in the chair beside her bed, half asleep but conscious enough to hear the doctors come in and tell him to go home for the night. He never did, he always ended up sleeping on the bench outside her room, curled up tight to the think blanket the nurse had given to him.

Wrade had been sleeping in the hospital every night for the past three months, ever since he got the call from Rylan, telling him that Keni was in a coma, and might not make it.

He blamed himself for what happened the night of the accident. If he wouldn’t have gone home she wouldn’t be in the state she was in now. He knew she would try to come see him, put herself in danger just to see if she was okay.

No one belived she would make it. Even Rylan had given up hope on her. But Wrade, he always looked on the bright side of things. He would never give up on his friend, he cared all too much.

Some months later, Wrade was still certain she was going to come through. He tried to tell everyone that she would be okay, that everything would work out fine. Oh was he wrong.

He had now moved from the chair to the bed, laying next to her with his one arm draped over her, his head next to hers listening to her steady muffled breathing.

He was almost asleep when he heard a long beeping noise instead of the regular parted ones. He looked up to the machine above them. The flowing mountains were no longer there but in their place, there lay a straight line.

He felt his world sink around him, like Death would swallow him up as well. Everyone was right, she didn’t make it. Keni, his best friend, was gone.

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