A Day at the Vet MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Rush,rush, rush. From the moment I arrive, there is work to be done: make sureeveryone is cared for, fed, taken out, loved with hugs and kisses. I wish theycould understand we are only trying to make them well. Friendly vets fill the airwith soothing voices. The sounds of barking dogs and purring cats break thesilence. Animals are sitting on the shiny counter tops waiting to be examined.Rows of metal cages line the walls; every once in a while a tiny paw or a wetnose pokes through the bars. Gleaming tools clutter the surgery table.

Everyone is holding an animal and whispering, "Shhh," or"Don't worry, everything will be alright." I stroke a puppy's softgolden fur and inhale the sweet scent of shampoo. I hear shouts all around me."Puppy on the loose!" or "This cat needs food!" So much tolearn, so much responsibility. I am cautious because I want to be careful thateverything I do is right. I am a significant part of the team whose job is tocare for these creatures. We all work together and help each other learn.

I try to emulate the actions of the vets. I know I will never be ableto appreciate fully their job without starting at the bottom and working my wayup, not to mention the educational requirements. I love all the animals - fromthe huge dogs with gentle hearts to the small cats with devilish personalities.

It is a long and tiring day, but I am rewarded with a puppy's gentlelick, a kitten's soft purr, a rabbit's twitching nose, and the trust of a tinysquirrel curled up in the palm of my hand sucking milk through a syringe. Thesemoments are the ones that make my heart swell with pride and joy. Because of me,at least one animal knows he or she is loved.

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i love this so much!

on Oct. 1 2008 at 8:13 pm
I really like how you appreciate how hard the vets work to do their job properly


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