Shoulda Gone to Work

September 16, 2008
By Edward Soares, Seekonk, MA

The weekend began with a 7 hour work night alone. I work at a very busy restaurant and my partener dishwasher had called out for a party. Being alone requiered me to work past my normal 5-10 shift and go 5-12. Friday night was extremely busy leeding me to extreme anger by the time I got home.
Saturday came around and I had planed out the perfect weekend day. I had a date with a beauitful friend named Lindsay. Right before I called her to confirm our plans I called out of my shift for that night at work. I gave her a ring and I come to find out that her parents did not allow her out. I was slightly depressed so I called a friend of mine to see if we could hang out. Her boyfriend quickly caught wind of our plans and we were immediently shut down. So I walked around my house until about 5 when I decieded to go look for some parts for my truck. I spent two hours driving around and finding nothing. I ended up back at home. Then I decided to go pick up a friend when I recieved a text message from my friend Lindsay. She had a boyfriend that she had "forgot" to tell me about. It turns out her parents did not care if she went out but she wanted to ditch me. He began to attempt to fight me so I then had confrentations with a fairly large man. We had a lengthly desscussion leading to him dumping her so I just wanted to go back home and play some video games at that point.
I was about half a mile away from my house when an animal jumped across the road in front of my truck while I was driving. My instant reflexes made me cut to the left and slam my brakes. I slid around a pole and stopped in front of a tree. I was lucky to have no injury and walk away from the accident. My truck had to be towed out of a ditch and my parents had to come while I payed 160$ cash so my truck would not end up in an impound lot.
Sunday morning I woke up to a popped front tire. I decided I need 4 new tires so I went to a garage to get buy new ones wich costed 350$ of my money. The awsome man changing the tires decided to tell my father that I had been doing burnouts with my old tires. My dad took away my truck. He payed me back for it and told me it was his and I would not buy a car untill I was 18.

I should have gone to work Saturday night

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