The Almost Perfect Guy

September 13, 2008
A girl writes poem's just like she's open. She write's story's; love story's waiting for that guy. She reads love story's still waiting... she finally found him, she thought her knight in shining armor well, she was close. She found the love of her life, she found what she's been waiting for all this time. She had been hurt before didn't believe in words anymore; he changed that. Made her start believing.. she realized that what he said was true, she trusted him he trusted her. She found that wishing on a star didn't help that she had to fight for what she wanted. She found that there maybe no such thing as 'the perfect fairytale' but, her's was pretty damn close. She thought she was the luckiest girl in the universe, he helped her through alot; he was always there for her and always will be and, to this day she still thinks of herself as the luckiest person in the universe. She got that almost perfect guy; she got her fairytale. The one thing she is most frightened of is having it all end in a second, watching it all far apart, watching as he walked away, so she thought she'd better write him this to explain everything. She hope's you understand. You are her's, her only one as long as you're around.

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