Weary, Yet the Same

September 10, 2008
A once crimson red beating heart was now growing grey and weary without his love. Her pretty, glowing face, now pale and stained with mascara rivers, surprise surprise. Didn’t she know fairytale fantasies only exist on the movie screen? By the look of her ocean blue tear filled eyes. That thought had never crossed her mind.

Did she really just waste over a year of her life? No. She loved every second of it. So many days and memories went to working on their relationship. They got through everything together, the hospital, where she practically lived for half of the year, even when their parents hating each other, they were strong. He was always there, by her side, hand in hand, no matter what obstacles they faced. Now, even shoulder to shoulder in the hallways, not one word is said to the other. Sometimes when they catch each others glances, for one second it’s like they forgive each other for everything. The butterflies flutter inside and the love shows in their eyes, then reality sets back in and all turns back to hurt and hate.

The laughter that once flowed out of their always curved up lips could fill a room full of joy. Now not even a simple smile is shared between them.

Such free spirited love now lost and tucked away deep into their hearts. Neither dares to uncover the feelings that once were their whole world. The soul that resides in her tender, now weak body had lost all of its meaning. Rough, yet gentle and soft touching hands used to always find the perfect place to fall onto her face. If it isn’t meant to be then why do their hands interlock so perfectly together? Nothing was able to break their grip. Now both of their hands are intertwined with another’s.

His plump, baby doll pink lips and warm, strong comforting hug embraced her every time he saw her once vibrant happy smile. All she longs for is to feel his touch. The lips that used to press against hers, the arms that used to pull her in, the hands that always found hers, the eyes that looked into hers with so much love, the voice that used to speak to her with such serenity, are all now oh so close, yet so far away. Two feet away, yet a 12ft wall stands in-between them. Will such wall ever crumble?

Her heart yearns to be close to his. Her lips quiver to be his again. No matter how many hurtful words roll off of his perfect now deceitful, insincere lips, she will never forget him. Forgiveness is something she longs for from him, yet she doesn’t think she will ever get it. Moving on is a part of life, she isn’t willing nor all the way ready, but he makes her have to be. She never will though. Stupidity had already got the best of her once; it wasn’t going to happen again. The facts will be clear to him soon, she is still the girl he fell in love with, and never will that change again.

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