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September 12, 2008
Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. In this century, heroes are depicted as the kind of people who save kids from a burning bus or who would save someone who was pushed off a sky scraper. In actuality, that is not the case. To me, a hero is someone who you can look up to; someone who, I think, should receive some credibility for everything they have done. My superhero is someone in my immediate family; she’s strong, brave, and doesn’t give up when most people would. My hero is my mom.

My mom, Kari, was born in Indianapolis, IN, on November 12, 1966. Growing up, she loved to swim. She swam gracefully like a dolphin. She also loved to shop, and hang out with her friends. When she attended Carmel High School, she was involved in the flag four. After high school, my mom attended Ball State University to study elementary education. She graduated and began substituting. After a few years, she quit. My mom got married to my dad, Greg, and a year later, they had me. In 1995, they had my brother, Casey, and in 1999, they had my brother, Christian. After me and my brothers got involved in school full time, my mom got back into teaching again. Now she is a preschool teacher at Carmel Lutheran Church.

My mom is my superhero, because she has a good head on her shoulders. Being a busy person with her job and keeping her three kids up and going with their school and traveling sports everyday, she still finds time for herself. She gives me the best advice on how to juggle soccer and school, and she keeps my feet on the ground. She always tells me that “everything happens for a reason” and that what I do is what I was meant to do. “God put you on this earth to fulfill your own purpose in life.” My mom comes to support me in soccer and to me, that’s heroic in itself to take even more time out of her busy schedule to come and cheer me on. “I never want you to feel like you are never good enough. My mother always tells me to keep going even when I think I won’t be able to go on. I have little time for myself with all my soccer, school, and friends, and I feel too stressed out. When I feel too stressed, she tells me “God puts obstacles in your way to see if you believe in yourself enough to overcome it.”

My mom and Odysseus are obviously two totally different people, but they both are heroic figures and they share common heroic traits. Odysseus is never afraid to get down to business. He keeps going at things until he fulfills them. My mom is very organized and will clean for hours on end until what is needed to be done, is officially done. Odysseus fought for his loved ones, and nothing would ever stop my mom from saving and fighting for our family. “Our family: That’s what I live for.” There are some things that my mom can do that other don’t have the capability of beholding; I tell my mom everything, and, most of which, I would never tell anyone else. Odysseus was the only person who could string the bow: something no one else could do. All in all, they each show bravery, courage, faith, and strength.

Superman has absolutely nothing on my mom. She is the only person I can talk to about everything and know she’s listening. Even though I’m high-strung, she deals with the fact that I’m a teenager and helps with my stress. My mom has an incredibly good head on her shoulders and she has earned a great deal of my respect. She is brave, strong, and doesn’t give up when most people would. My mom is my superhero.

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