Sorry, Kate

September 11, 2008
By Chloe Rehfield, New York, NY

“You’re ugly.” Don’t say it, Atlanta. Oh no. Don’t make fun of Kate. Ask her a different dare. Please, Hannah. Don’t make her say it.
“You’re ugly, Kate.”
“Those shoes. Those clothes.”
“ Just Filthy.”
I never felt like a turtle hiding in its shell before, but I guess this was the right time for it. I can’t handle watching a friend being made fun of.
“No one likes you, Kate. Maybe because of your clothes?”
Atlanta was going way too far. This dare was spoiling my day in my favorite season, autumn. Crisp leaves catching the terrible words of the dare. The clean air spinning the words round and round, echoing in the wind. You’re Ugly.
“Chloe, help us! “
“Help us torture her.”
“She needs it.”
“Because she’s so ugly.”
And they laugh at the last joke Hannah makes. But I shrug and keep on watching them torture Kate, my heart crying for her. I can’t stand up for her. Why? Too shy, nervous? Who knows?
I spin around trying to focus on the dirty fence in front of me, trying to block out voices I hear. But I’m in a loud playground with kids screaming and laughing, so I can’t. I still hear muffled voices. And I still hear teasing coming from Atlanta and Hannah. Kate seems confused; she can’t listen very well to Hannah and Atlanta while she is skipping rope. She’s not even their friend anyway. If she were, she would stop and listen.
I was the one who felt ugly. I should stick up for a true friend, even if what they’re saying is true. I hope Kate isn’t mad at me.
“Hey! Chloe! C’mon, help!”
“Please, Chloe! Do what Hannah says! It’s her dare!”
I won’t do it. So I shake my head no. I hope they won’t tease me now. They will tease me because I’m a friend with ‘unpopular’ Kate.
“Okay, Chlo. “
I turned around to look at the fence again, but then turned back to force a little smile. I never saw Hannah being mean before. She’s always so bubbly and excited. I wonder what put her in a bad mood. I figured I would ignore them until they stopped the teasing. Kate wasn’t listening anyway. I didn’t really need to stick up for her.

So now recess is over, and we’re all walking back into the school. I catch Kate’s eye. My stomach is spinning. I’m really nervous. But she gives me a whole-hearted smile, so I know everything’s going to be fine.
In the future, no matter what, I will always, always stick up for my friends when they need me to.

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