September 12, 2008
By Erwan Alexis, New York City, NY

My father, Mon pere...a person I have mentioned for a while. My father passed on when I was just six years of age, I know not much about him because he entered the gates of God's kingdom yet to early for me. I know my dad was a erudite man, he knew languages and was very good at various things. His death took very long, It was very painful and shameful. One day the candle of misfortune sent sparks and one hit my father
...Cancer. Then all I could remember was a very sunlit and wintry day, My mother received a phone call, then she cried door shut in a light less room...she let me in and told me the news, I stared down at my feet then my feet then at my mother, eyes big and swelling with tears I hugged her and cried...
My father passed away when I was just six years of age.

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