September 10, 2008
When I was twelve years old I had a teddy bear name Cuddles. He was the best present I could ever receive. Soon enough he was going to be the one so close to me. As my mother worked more and more and my brother was very to himself I guess you can say he was in his own world. But as the years passed by Cuddles became one of my best’s friends. Seem like the only one that I can relieve stress, my problems and everything else. Cuddles were a golden brown with a hint of amber his eyes was a soft hazelnut. When I would hold him I would always feel a warm chill go through my body. But now that I’m older I find myself slipping away from that teddy bear name Mr. Cuddles. Soon I learned that the times that I thought Cuddles had solve and made go away was me all the while. So I am grateful for that teddy bear. It has brought me a great deal of comfort them times my mother worked them many hours and never was home. The times my brother was always there but invisible. To be the black sheep and the only friend to have is a golden brown bear. So the thing that was the most sentimental to me was Mr. Cuddles he had great purpose and even though he was always silent he always had great wisdom.

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