Acomplished Nothing

September 10, 2008
By dinesha neal, Fayetteville, NC

If I could explain to people what it is like to achieve so much but done so little people would see what the true meaning of an over-achiever. I have just graduated from high school, top of the class and only to say that it means nothing entering college. Since starting a new school and a new environment I have learned all that you worked for in high school and before means very little. All that you ever tried to achieve and go beyond your duty in my opinion is a waste of time. I have managed to go from the top of the class to the lowest of the lowest. To explain the humility and turmoil would take me a great deal. Now some might say you shouldn’t let that discourage you but how can it not. To be this little fish in this big pond is a scary feeling. To do it all over from scratch by your self is even a greater challenge. My whole school career I have been praise and rewarded for my accomplishments and successes, but only to discover here that no one cares if you were the first student on the moon. Their only concern is that they do what they came here to do and complete whatever task is needed to be done. As my mother would say this is the real world where feelings don’t exist and your greatest fall may be your greatest reward. I never understood what that meant until now which means if you fall and manage to get yourself back up that is a reward in its self. So if I could explain to people what is like to achieve so much but done so little I would say its okay because I only have fallen and is starting to get back up.

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