April 9, 2013
It was a cold dark night as my family and I walked the streets of downtown Seattle. We were walking on 3rd avenue where the buildings intimidated us and the crowds were swallowing us whole.

My grandma was suffocating my sister Danielle’s hand for fear of losing the little 3 year old, who in her mind thinks she’s 16.

Trying to rush through that crowd was like sailing through a storm.

A couple whose smiles went from ear to ear (I don’t know why because I for one was not having fun with elbows in my face) looked down at Danielle and said “Awww she is so cute. Don’t lose her “. Then they vanished.

Danielle, who heard something different, stopped in her tracks and yelled fiercely “NO! YOU’RE A LOSER! “. We all were astonished.

We then hurried faster because we did not want to have a little girl go ninja on some smiley couple (again WHY!?!?) in downtown Seattle.

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