September 9, 2008
You hold grudges all the time as if you were the child and as if I was the offspring of another kind. You sit around and be miserable all the time as if I owed you something but I dont owe you a dime.You never express your feelings, you let them build up inside but it isn`t hard to see all the pain and curiousity within your dark brown eyes. You treat people cruel as if you didn't have a heart but I know that's not the case because we are two of a kind very bright and smart. You have the smile and appearance to fool anyone who didn't know you as one, but not I because I am what you are and will become. You call yourself a father but you are never there. You let your emotions trouble you when they should have never begun to be there. Yuo are not a father to me but a sperm donar of thee. I was raised by a beautiful black woman, a part of me.You want my respect but that is something you shall earn, but it's gonna be hard to do because for your love I dont yearn. The only thing i did learn from you is to always stand strong but i see not even you can do that for too long. So spare yourself the moment and forget i even exsisted, raise the three you got over there because I am no longer your business.

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april26 said...
Sept. 19, 2008 at 4:48 am
I think this is a really good article, and she is expressing her true feelings about her father. Please make corrections .
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