Tired Of Drama

September 7, 2008
By Kirsten Foley SILVER, Pleasant Plains, Illinois
Kirsten Foley SILVER, Pleasant Plains, Illinois
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Drama, Drama, Drama. Thats all there is in a life of a school. It starts in the morning when you walk in those big glass doors and hear the gossip already starting. "OMG I heard Jenny kissed Jeff whos dating Sarah who was sleeping with Joe"someone would say. Well not those exact words but you get the point. Then the first class. The dreaded first class, where if you sit by a cute boy you can barely breath and have no idea what the tecaher says because you are to busy stareing at him and making sure you don't do or say something stupid. Then theres always the note passing. The WORST way to spread a rumor. They use code names but most of the time you know they are.
foleyk- did you see how jeff looks at jenny?
groder3-yea! and hes totaly going out with abby
Then abby happens to pick up the letter and is totally devistated. Or even worse the teacher catches them and makes tham read it aloud and Jenny, Jeff, and Abby are all in the class. When you think it is getting better it only gets worse when lunch comes around. You walk up get your food and then have to turn around and find a seat.Sounds simple enough but it's really very difficult if you are stuck bettween more than one group of friends. You dont want to sit by a group of people that are to popular then again you dont want to sit with people you have nothing in comman with.Then the classes start all over again. Finally when you get on the bus and think of the day either your thoughts are "this day was'nt that bad" or "i want to go home and kill myself" or if your really lucky "this day was great!". Now I've had all of these days and everything in between but I've realized that not all of this has to be. I've always known that just because people say your something that does'nt make it true. I also know that even if you know its not true it will always be in the back of your mind and could possiblty affect your thoughts and decisions. The point is, that liveing the life of what others say will never turn out good. Everyone needs to learn that just because some people live of rumors and drama doesn't ean you have to or have to believe them. It means you need to help change them because just by saying one little thing could change someones life.
Treat onto other as you would like to be treated onto you.

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rayray33 said...
on Nov. 12 2008 at 5:15 pm
this is good keep it up

ray said...
on Oct. 23 2008 at 2:43 am
I like this. It's very true.


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