September 1, 2008
I always needed you there by my side without you I would cry. I miss you so much, you have no idea. When you walk away for the last time I shed a tear. Not a tear of joy, not a tear of happines, but of sorrow and sadness. I felt like I must die each time I cried and thought of you. All the dreams. All the memories. All the fears. And all the tears I have for for you. I wish you were here still in my life, but I guess you can't come back know. The blue eyes that stared at me, the rough hands that carried me. Everything about you I loved so much. And all I can remember is only some stuff. It has been atleast 7 years and my memories of you and the tears are slowoly fading away. You're up away and gone forever. The only thing that is left of you are the pictures on my wall. And the memories I can somewhat recall. Of you.

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