See you through...

August 30, 2008
Go ahead now spread your wings and let go. He broke your heart in two and this sadly he knows. As you drown in years tears in the middle of the night, you claim you can't take it anymore so you grab a knife. It wasn't just him it was other things to, your grandma died and they all blamed you. I walk in the room to see you lying on the ground. I see your still breathing yet you don't make a sound. I walk over to see your wrist covered in blood. I asked why you did this and you just said "because".
Its two years later now and your actually pulling through, things are getting better now that it's me and you! They all asked what I said to give you life and I replied... Don't give up just hold on tight, your in line for a hard long ride but don't you worry things will be fine, just listen to your heart and believe remember have faith and you'll achieve but no matter what you do God will always see you through.

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