''Causes of Hunger in America''

March 22, 2013
What are the causes of hunger in America? People struggle to get the food they need. In addition, people have trouble getting quality food. The purpose of this essay is to show negative effects on hunger in America.
Hunger in America has been a challenge because there are problems with food prices. For instance, the government raises food prices and taxes. People don’t get much help on groceries from state and federal government.
Cheap food isn’t good quality food. The food that people buy isn’t healthy because it’s not grown fresh out of the market, so people wouldn’t want to eat older and unhealthy foods. This means that at cheap stores people sell foods that aren’t fresh and it’s from another day. In addition, at the expensive stores there is good, healthy, and fresh foods, but they just sell them too high that’s why people are dying of hunger because they don’t have money to buy the good and fresh foods.
People around the world are dying of hunger because they don’t work. Society needs to be able to work to get more money and if they have money this means they have more food and there will be less people with hunger in America.scince they work there shouldn’t be any problems with hunger in America.

People in society do not have that much money to buy good, quality healthy food. In addition, there are problems with the food prices.Ibelieve people should get a better job so they can get more money and end hunger in America. If they don’t work then what’ll happen to them?

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