Love is a mystery

March 16, 2013
By AdriannaE SILVER, Fort Gordon, Georgia
AdriannaE SILVER, Fort Gordon, Georgia
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The moment you stop beleiving in yourself is the moment you die inside.

I always thought of love like a fairytale, but it never really happens that way. What happens when you fall in love with someone who you know is not the right person? Every part of your heart is telling you that you love them but your brain is saying to back off that you’re going to get hurt. I don’t understand why love has to be so confusing. Movie after movie its happy ending after but that’s not the truth sometimes love hurts. I learned that love is not easy. Love can mean being happy with someone and being there with them and enjoying them, or love could mean walking enough. You didn’t stop caring though and you love them more than anything. You finally saw that being with them was hurting not only you but them. You loved them enough to walk away and give them a second chance with someone.

The pain that comes with loving people is the worst pain ever. You love him so much and it takes your breath away to see him with someone new. Love is not only about loving another guy or woman. What about the love a father and mother have for their children. They love their children so much. What if they lose that child though? They loved that child so much he or she was his parents pride and joy. They made that child and they raised that child. The love the parents had for the child was a love that could never be explained in words. The parents would give anything for one more day. Love can cause so much happiness but it can cause so much pain. It can save a life but it could also crush your heart. Love is a mystery you never know where it is going to bring you or how it will make you feel. What is your opinion on love?

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