Little Naughty King

January 23, 2008
Every year, my family and I usually go to İstanbul, my
uncle’s home, on summer holidays.When I was a 9 year old girl
with my short dark hair cut, we went to my uncle-Hacıali’s home
like every summer holiday but this summer holiday was
different.This summer holiday was full of screams, wails,
bawlings and cryings.Please, don’t be so anxious, I will tell you
what happened.

On a summer holiday,while my family and Hacıali’s family
were at Hacıali’s cute and tiny home, my father-Selçuk
dissapeared abrubtly. There were my clever mother-Sevilay, my
tiny and bold brother-Eray with his bronze skin, my cousins-
lovely blond Özge with her middle height and Ömer with his dark
skin,my uncle’s wife-Derya and curious I at home.My father and
uncle weren’t anywhere. I thought,”Hacıali’s car isn’t outside
where it usually stays.These are strange circumstances.” I could
make sense out of this naughtiness.

Ömer, Eray, Özge and I were playing playstation in a room
from which you can see the narrow holl,the house’s iron door and
the clean kitchen from the door.Also,I could hear and see
Sevilay and Derya’s gossip although I was playing playstation.My
ears and eyes were with them.They were in the kitchen.

Sevilay was a clever and beautiful faced lady with dark
hair.Her face was like a craggy lemon.I think she could sense
something like me .Her voice was like static in the TV.She asked
doubtfully,”Where is Selçuk, Derya? I haven’t seen him this
morning.Did you see him?”

Derya was a curious lady with blond hair.She answered with
the same apperhension,”No,I haven’t seen him. Neither Hacıali
nor Selçuk are in this house.”

Suddenly, the door bell rang.I love to open the door for
visiters .This was my hobby. I finished my playing and ran
towards to the door with all my speed.I always must be the first
person that opens the door.Sevilay was going to the door too.I
slipped in front of her and touched the door’s chilly handle.

Sevilay was behind me.I opened the door and bells
started to ring in my ears like in the war.I muttered, “Oh, no!”
to myself.

As soon as I opened the door, something popped out from
behind the door.It came to the bottom of living room immediately.

Whereas there was no word on my lips, Derya was bawling
and screaming deafeningly.Then she began to run towards to the
little room where my cousins and I had been playing a few seconds ago.

Everything happened in a few seconds. I couldn’t understand
what was happening.My mother was standing in the door
way. Everybody ran to the little room but I stayed out of the
room. I was confused.

I ran towards the room at the top of my head and tryed to
push the door.Boom! Boom! Boom! The door was opening and
closing .Derya was behind the door and closing it to be safe. I
roared, ”I am Seray.Please, open the door!”Abruptly,I was in the

Either the room was chilly or my body was
chilly.Everybody’s face was white and sweaty. Everybody was
motionless.Just Derya was standing in front of the door and
closing it.The shrieks and wails were catching the silence in the
room.Everybody was scattered and crying.

I was thinking about the door that I opened and started
everything.I regretted that I opened the door .I thought and
asked myself,” I can’t understand.It wasn’t bulky.Why everybody
is crying and why is the room chilly?”

Then,I heard the cracklings.My bad father was laughing like
the witches.His body appeared behind the translucent door.

“Derya , open the door.I am holding it!,” he stammered
because of the his laughter.

“I will open the door but hold it!,” Derya shouted.Derya
opened the door.Unexpectedly, everybody ran towards to the
living room except Derya.The silence consumed the air.Everybody
had become curious.What was it?

There was a poo on the bottom of the living room with a
puppy.”Oh, no!,” everybody was afraid of a puppy.It was a dark,
little puppy .Naughty!

I should have known this.Derya couldn’t stand next to a dog
althought it was just a puppy.Özge and Ömer were the same too.

I sputtered, ”Oh,so cute!”

The silence went away.Everybody was laughing.The laughter
was flying in.

Derya expelled everybody from the house immediately
because she was sick of seeing a dog in her house.My father.He
was a tricky man.

We put him behind the apartment. It was so cute.The
whole street was outside and around our lovely dog.It was like a
gleamorous and fluffy pillow.His legs were so soft and crooked
that’s why he couldn’t walk.His fur was billowy too.

Everybody’s hands were on it.He was just sitting as “King”
who was greeting his nation front of his castle that’s why his
name became Naughty King.

The wails and screams went away.The laughter stayed with
us and this day will stay in my memory with all it’s fun forever.

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