January 23, 2008
Outside the hospital it was raining cats and dogs the sky was cloudy like my thoughts. The air was hazy and you could hear the sound of the intense thunder. It was third of April, 2002 and I was sitting on a rough chair which was in the Kadiköy Şifa Hospital’s cafeteria with my grandmother and I was eating a bitter chocolate. In fact the chocolate was not bitter but I regarded one of the most delicious taste as a disgusting taste because of him! I said ‘him’ because he didn’t have a specific name. Almost all of the small children thought that they came from the sky by the storks. However, it was not true and I was waiting for my brother. Hospital was like a gloomy dungeon and I wanted to escape hastily. Almost in the every corridor I saw people who were torturing themselves with some stupid medicines which were given them from doctors in formality and nurses who were running errands. There was a profound, sustain silence but a buzz of a fly bugged me. I would give an arm and a leg not to be in these circumstances, but I should take the bull by the horns and accept that I would have a brother. “Are they going to love him more than me?” I thought. While I was walking in my confused brain, my grandmother was sipping her hot coffee and eating delicious cookies which had massive walnuts in it.

“Why do you look tired?” my grandmother inquired while she was regarding me.

“Actually, I’m not. I’m just thinking about school, you know I didn’t go to school today,” I lied faintly, trying to conceal my emotions.

“Don’t worry you will have time to do your homework,” she remarked while she was glancing at a magazine which was on an appealing table near a tremendous bunch of other old magazines.

I shook my head like a little puppy and then I took a bite of my bitter chocolate. After a couple of minutes, my grandmother realized that we would reconvene with my father at my mother’s room where she could relax. “We must go now Elif, I promised your father that we are going to be at the room at 2:30 pm,” my grandmother emphasized.

Then we left the cafeteria abruptly, and loitered in the dim, dark corridors. I got goose bumps because of the hospital’s chilly weather and I want to vomit up the bitter chocolate because of the hospital’s medicinal smell. When I took my first step to the floor, I could hear my heart beat. Sweat popped out on my face and I couldn’t stand on my feet. I looked like a bizarre monster and I didn’t have enough energy to change myself into a graceful, eye-catching princess. As I was thinking, the time went by and I found myself in front of my mother’s room. The room was decorated with massive, blue balloons and little, tiny ribbons which looked like colorful confetti.

“Did they decorate my room’s door like that when I was born?” I wondered. “Of course they didn’t!” I sighed. Almost all of my inquisitive family members gave all of their attention to him extravagantly and it really irritated me. My feet wanted to enter the room but my feelings wanted to escape from this frightening, huge castle. I held my grandmother’s puckered hand tightly like a little ashamed kid and closed my eyes. After a few seconds we plunged into a bedlam which was caused by our inquisitive family member.They were an immense castle and they were protecting a precious prince.

“His eyes look like mine,” my father boasted cheerfully.

“His noise is like yourse,”my grandmother bellowed at my mother who was lying on a soft bed which had fluffy pillows on it.

“Why don’t you come and see your brother?” my father yelled at me with a great pleasure.

“I’m coming dad,” I murmured.

I came near to him and I saw his flushed face and his microscopic eyes which looked like a small squirrel. After I saw his lovely smile all the dark, dim corridors became bright and shiny, sun emerged from the massive mountains and sparrows started to sing their most cheerful songs. Hospital became a palatial place even though it wasn’t made of gold and silver.

I bent over his bed and whispered “Welcome to our family,” in his cute ear and I was conscious of that I had a loyal friend who could rely on me forever.

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