January 9, 2008
By Reece LeResche, Tucson, AZ

I find myself often looking into the future and thinking what I will be, whom my friends will become and who I will still talk to. I know that after high school I will go to college but I don’t know if the same fate rests in the hands of my fellow companions. I look into the future and I map out that I will hopefully have some form of success, but when I look at others I know now that, they might not have the same success. What they do know will really determine they’re future. Many people won’t get out of their bad ways now and they will have to pay for it in the future. For instance, the other day I was filling up my gas tank and ran into two guys who I used to be really good friends with in Jr. High. We used to not care what happened and we were young and not aware of our actions and consequences. I greeted them both and they hadn’t changed that much, but they saw me and noticed the difference right away. They asked if I still was how I used to be and I replied “No”.

The next day me and my friend got to talking about it and we both agreed that it was good that I had changed and not hung out with that crowd anymore. Both my friend and I have plans for college and he told me that he used to be part of a similar crowd and its better now that he’s out. He is conscious about the future. However, we are now seeing a lot of our friends not care about their futures this late in the game. Its kind of scary to think that this is going to be the future they are stuck with if they are not careful. I look at some people on the streets or some people with low paying jobs and I think, “Yah I could some of my friends being this guy in the future”.

My best friend has planned on joining the Marines and I couldn’t be more supportive. It will be hard and very strenuous for him but I know that if anyone can go through with it, he is defiantly the one. His life outside the Marines will be good to. I could always see him take control of his life and take care of things.

From here on out I know that every little decision I make will either make or break my future. Grades are not a thing that I just do to get done anymore. Now I have to really try hard in school and do well, because I know that my future depends on it. My friends can slack now and not have a care in the world but when it comes down to it I know they will be sorry in the distant future. I then look at kids who aren’t my friends and see that they are on the right track and I think “That kid could be president one day”, and in reality the kids who don’t have the popularity or the friends are going to be the ones with the bright future. They don’t have many friends so they have to push harder to get what they want.

The future holds all kinds of mysteries; who’s going to be this, what’s going to happen with that, etc. The future must be taken into deep consideration if you want to have any success in life. People, who are intelligent about the present, are smart about the future. The present holds the key to the future.

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