Running Wild

January 8, 2008
Patiently waiting for my parents to fall asleep, I await near the basement door. It’s going on about midnight and I still cannot decide whether to cautiously prop the door open, or to climb through the screenless screen door. About 12:30am snoring is heard through the ceiling, they’re asleep, and the door is propped open perfectly. Quietly and quickly I grabbed my phone and cord and crept up the stairs and out the back gate. It was truly the perfect escape.

I ran down the street as fast as I could, looking back every five minutes to make sure I wasn’t being followed. I made it to my friend Becky’s house right on time. There, my boyfriend Jason was waiting for me on the front porch for me. Earlier that night I was with him at Becky’s party telling him that I couldn’t stand living at my house with my family that doesn’t even care about me. That I was sick of being their slave, their own personal Cinderella. Willingly he said,” I love you, and you can stay with me at my place until you work things out.” So I listened and accepted his offer, while he was waiting for me out front I ran to him and jumped in his arms. Becky the drove us to his house, we

Worthy 2
Partied till like six in the morning. As I woke up with a chizzleling headache, my phone began to ring. I had 172 missed calls and my voicemail that I had just emptied the night before was completely full. I listened to every single message that people had left me, everyone was angry with me. My mother, father, sisters, brothers, aunts and uncle’s, everyone. So out of anger I deleted them all. Lying down staring at the ceiling I began to imagine what it would be like if I decided to go home. Then from being angry my headache began to race faster. Becoming emotional from the pain, I grew scared. I was afraid to go back, I wasn’t sure if they’d hug me, or smack me. Beginning to cry, Jason woke up and held me. I thought being with him would be the greatest thing that ever happened to me but I was wrong. Everyday I grew more scared to go home, and more uncomfortable with living alone with Jason.

I then realized that I was making the biggest mistake of my life. Those four days were not what I expected; Jason was not what I expected. I was miserable, scared, and most of all, I was confused. I, Believe it or not, just wanted to go home. I know that nothing will change though. On the fourth day being away from home I was sitting on Jason’s front porch staring at the tree branches rustling in the wind. Jason came outside and said I had a phone call, he said it was my father. My father and I have always been close, but I never got to see him because I’m adopted and only allowed to see him once a month. So I was surprised when he called me. With a frightened look on my face I grabbed the phone slowly. Covering it with my hand, Jason came and kneeled beside

Worthy 3
Me, kissed my forehead and said be calm and to tell him how I feel. When I answered my dad began to yell, then he began to cry. He told me how everyone had skipped work and had been looking for me for days. I broke down and told him everything. I then asked how they found out I was gone right after I ran that night; he said my baby sister found out. Apparently she wanted to try on and show me her homecoming dress and I wasn’t there. When he said those words I began to cry harder, my father begged for me to go home and just take a chance to work things out. He said my adopted parents were in tears.

Two hours after I got of the phone, my parents showed up at Jason’s door. My mother in tears, and my stepfather infuriated. Jason hid from them, because it was a good idea at the time. My stepfather was angry and ready to hurt him bad. Without grabbing my things, I got inside the car feeling like a prisoner; they drove me to Central City Park and gave me two options. Either go home with them or they will let me go back to Jason. I went home, but not without having to pay the price. I had to go to a really hard and harsh boot camp, when I got back; they noticed right away that I had changed.
That I became a new person. I dropped all my old loser friends, and gained better. We did talk everything out, and they did understand me a whole lot better. I just hope I can put all those bad time behind me and continue my new life. I finally feel like part of the family, and I couldn’t be happier to have a new chance, and a new life.

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