January 23, 2008
By simay sarı, İstanbul, ZZ

One year ago, one girl called Jane joined in our class at the second term of the
year. She was not very tall, she was very shy like a little girl, but she looked
like an elegant little princess.
She didn’t talk with anyone for a very long time. She only came to school and
went. She didn’t have any friends at our huge and crowded school. It was very
interesting to me but I didn’t say anything to her.
Two months later, at our sport competition, our principal created a track
meet that everyone must join . When all class heard that, we were became
very happy except Jane. When I saw that she became sad, I couldn’t stop
myself and my curiosity and I asked her, ‘’What is your problem Jane?’’
Jane answered ,‘’I couldn’t join into that track-meet because I can’t run very
fast.I can run very slowly .’’That day I learned that she had some problems
with herself. I tried to motivated her but I couldn’t.She ran that day.Her sayings
became the truth. She ran very slowly and finished the race with all arrogant
people’s sneerds which irritated she a lot.
After that day, we became best friends with Jane. I started to motivated her
and recommend to her that she shouldn’t listen to the people who try to
enrage her.

She was looking very pessimistic that day but she altered after she met a
famous runner who was her neighbor, and who volunteerly became her
running coach. After she met with that man, she looked very brave and
ambitious.She started to study everyday because she really got angry to our
school friends and she wants to changed her bad reputation at school. The
weather was not very important to her these days. Stormy,sunny,foggy… The
time was not important for her either. Morning,afternoon dark midnight… She
only studied hard. She gave all of her clever brain to running. She asked
everything that she wanted to know from her coach inquistively and learned
everything about running.
One year later, she was ready to run at our sport competition and that track-
meet a lot. She came to the sporthall very bravely. She was looking like she
didn’t hear tons of people’s yelling about her. Everyone yelled about her
badly but she didn’t listen.I went to her to motivated her. I said, ‘’You can do it Jane,’’
She said, ‘’I can do it,’’ to me. And she said, ‘’Thank you for everything,’’to me.
After that, she took her position gracefully and without a doubt about herself.
And she started to run. When she won the track-meet everyone was shocked.
She took her prize and went to the out of the hall only. And I think she gave the
best answer to everyone.

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