“The Wrong Mr. Right”

January 23, 2008
“TURN THE MUSIC DOWN!!” The music was so loud that I screamed with an angered voice. I was on my way home from a hectic night of shopping in Philly, when I received a phone call from my dearest friend Patricia. “Hello,” I answered calmly switching from the raunchy mood I was just in.
“What's up Jackie,” she responded in an anxious voice.
“You know Tricia same stuff different day,” I spoke excitedly to hear from her.
She then went on about this guy she had been talking to for a while, and how she had been taking him serious. She explained to me how they started spending a lot of time together, and how she was feeling his style.
“Is this the same boy you told me about last time, the Puerto-Rican boy?”
“No, girl I been stopped talking to him, but the guy I'm talking to now, his name is Tim.”
“What does he look like?” I interrogated with a look of dissatisfaction on my face.
“He's light-skinned, has brown hair, brown eyes that you could gaze into for days, with a medium height and build.”
I got more and more curious with her as she gave the description, “ Where is he from?”
“He's from Parkside,” she spoke out as if questioning my motives, “why you asking so many questions, girl?”
“OMG!” I yelled as I began to quench my curiosities.
I then explained to her that her “Mr. Right” was actually “Mr. Wrong.”
“If we're talking about the same guy, that's my cousin's boyfriend and soon to be father of her child.”
“No, I don't think so Jackie,” she replied firmly, but slowly, doubting her own words. “ He told me he didn't have a girlfriend let alone a child.”
As a friend I tried to break the news as gently as I could, but there was no sure way on how to approach the situation. I told her that if she went on myspace, she could then discover if we were both talking about the same disgrace of a man. She told me that as soon as she returned to her house she would go web surfing to get to the bottom of this. I soon got a ring on my cellular device. Patricia immediately began to question me about where to search.
I told her to go on myspace, and she logged in under her own username and password. She asked me where she should be looking. I told her to go on my page and click the last person on my top friends, which happened to be my cousin Tiana's brother Mitch. That was no coincidence. She questioned furiously about the next move she should be making. I explained to her that once on Mitch's page she would need to click on the fourth person on his top friends. She followed through and saw that whom we were talking about was not the same person. She suddenly became relieved. We said our good-byes and went on our way as we usually did.
Not too much later did I get a ring back from none other than Patricia. Without any greetings, she viciously began attacking me with more questions. “You told me to click on the fourth one, right?”
“Yes, Yes!” I answered with a bothered tone. I was getting real impatient.
“It's blocked,” she desperately replied.
“ I guess the only other option is for you to go in under my username and password,” I responded feeling like the Sherlock Holmes of the day. So she repeated the whole process, but this time under my username. And slowly but surely as we both anxiously waited for the mystery to unravel, the truth was unleashed.
As she cried out, “This can't be,” a million and one times I discovered the outcome of this game that was being played. She expressed how hurt she was by of all this, but at the same time knew it was meant for her to move on. I let her know that I was going to inform my cousin as well of what was going on. So as Patricia was on the phone I called Tiana on three-way.
I called my cousin Tiana to make her aware of the games her boy toy was playing. Being that she was having a baby by Tim she took the bad news a little harder than most would. She tried to play it off as if it didn't phase her, but I could heard the pain in her voice. Patricia and Tiana exchanged information about Tim and the things he did, and sure enough it matched up. They handled the situation as adults would though both of them were far from that.
I was in a bad position, caught between family and friends. Most might wonder what a person in my position might have done. Well I did the only thing I knew how to do. I became a very supportive cousin and friend.

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