A Girls Dream

January 7, 2008
By Meaghan Bettencourt, Peabody, MA

She had a dream she knew she could do it. She had a dream, she wanted it so bad. She would do anything for her dream.

Jasmine came home just an ordinary Friday. Jasmine walked into her house, her dark brown curly hair ran down her skinny back past her soft shoulders. Her eyes met her mother’s the hazel in both their eyes was shockingly beautiful. She delicately stepped over to greet her mother. A smile on her mother’s face lit up the room.

“I got you an audition,” her mother stated.

“No way,” Jasmine replied.

“Yeah for tonight do you want to go?”

“Of course count me in, what time?”

“Eh I was thinking around 7ish and then we can head over to the Holy Ghost (Portuguese club) for dinner with everyone.”

“Okay sounds good, where is the audition?”

“It's in Boston at one of the hotels.”


“Yeah they have been looking for models so I signed you up.”

“Sweet thanks mom.”

“Your welcome hunny, now go upstairs get your homework done and get ready because I wanna leave the house around 6, okay?”

“Yup I’m going up now.”

She walked into her room pulled the heavy school books out of her black tote bag. She placed all her books one by one by stacking them onto her desk. She sat down on her computer chair at her desk opened the first book and began her studies.

Six o’clock came around, it was time to go. Jasmine all dressed and ready to go ran downstairs. Her curly hair down, dressed up in dressy jeans and a black and white top. No make-up! She wanted the judges to see the real her.

“Mom, Jasmine shouted from the kitchen.

“Yes I am coming,” mom replies.

“Hurry I don’t want to be late.”

“Okay I am coming.”

Jasmine and her mom headed to the front door. Jasmine takes a deep breath as she turns the door knob slowly. She heads to the drive way on the right side of the front door where her mother’s car is parked. They both head to the car.

On their way to Boston Jasmine is so nervous. She wonders what they will think of her how they will react when she enters the room. Is she as pretty as the other girls? Will they like her? Will they think she is good enough?
She opens her mouth and shouts.

“I can’t do this mom I can’t.”
“Yes you can anything you put your mind to you can do, I believe in you.”
“Okay I will do it.”

Its cold out jasmine’s nose is completely pink. The snowflakes touch her soft skin. She walks across the street to the hotel. The doors are frozen and icy as she pulls with her cold hands and opens the door. Her mom behind her the whole way. She walks up to the stair case. Nerves flowing down her chilled body, her knees go week. She pushes her body; she pushes herself to keep going. She reaches the top floor. She looks at her mother and smiles. She opens the auditorium doors where the audition is taking place. Her hot stops and skips a few beats. Over 200 people are standing in that auditorium. Everyone has a yellow information slip that they are filling out. Jasmine’s mom looks over and grabs an information slip. Jasmine fills out her information slip as she listens to the agent of the agency (Proscout) Doug Faire (retired model).After Doug finished his advice with the agency and about what the agency does the auditions began. One by one people entered the back room for their auditions.
After a while it was Jasmine’s turn was coming up soon. She was so nerves she could not speak. She turned to her mother and asked her to enter the back room with her so that she would feel a bit more comfortable.

“Next, Jasmine Summers,” Doug’s assistant shouted

“Present,” Jasmine walked up to the man in the black suit and white cuffed collars.
“Hello my name is Steven I am Doug’s assistant.”

“Hello Steven nice to meet you.”

“Please right this way.”

They followed him into the back room where Doug and three other judges where sitting at a table right across from two empty chairs facing back to the door. Doug smiled at Jasmine.

They began the interview before the audition. Doug began asking questions.

“What’s your name?”

“Jasmine Summers my friends call me Jaz or Jazzy anything works. I am fourteen turning fifteen on June 25. I go to the Middle School in Peabody. I am in eighth grade I am graduating this year. My interests are hanging out with my family and friends. Playing basketball. And I love to dance it’s my passion any music I can pretty much dance to.

“Well you pretty much answered all the questions I had for you so let’s move on to the audition part. Could you please go into the dressing room down the hall pick outfits that is suitable for you and try it on then come back?”

“Yes of course no problem.”

A couple minutes later Jasmine appeared in a black short mini dress. She walked down to the center of where all the judges were. She walked the run way three times with three different kinds of outfits. She took 30 photographs and 26 out of those photographs the judges liked her.

When Jasmine was finished she left the room. They had called her back; they wanted her to perform at their fashion show in six months she accepted. She was so thrilled and excited.

“Maybe dreams do come true.”

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