Twelve years old

January 5, 2008
By Renee Lehr, Bloomington, IL

Sadness engulfed faces. No on would say a word unless completely

necessary. Hesitantly, Renee walked towards the side of the bed.

Everyone made room for her to see. A dingy gray color covered his face.

Never has she seen his skin look so rubbery or fake. Not once had he

looked so ghostly.

"They wanted to come and see him." Renee's grandmother


Sternly, Rose, Renee's aunt replied, "She cannot handle this."

"She's strong, she needed to come here."

Renee began to weep. So many sad faces outlined the walls.

Knowing he would soon pass away haunted their lives, but pierced

Renee's heart like a dagger. She could feel her heart sinking, turning

dark and vacant. The tears dripped, unable to cease. The bond between

her and her favorite uncle was tearing apart, shriveling into shear

nothingness. Jessica, Renee's older sister, clenched onto her hand and

gently squeezed. Everyone knew that Renee was Roger's favorite, and it

killed them to see her so empty.

"Uncle Roger?" She questioned. He did not move, his eyes did not

even twitch.

Again, she attempted to get him to notice. "Hello?"

Nothing. Nothing at all. He could not hear her, he could not see

her. He would never know that she was there with him.

Renee's heart hit the floor and shattered. Everyone could knew it

would happen, but she had to see for herself, she had to say goodbye.

She turned around, looked at her grandmother, and mumbled, "I

need to go, I have to leave."

They began to exit, as Renee turned and looked one last time.

Finally, she whispered, "I love you."

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