.All About Me.

January 4, 2008
By Andie Schweizer, Scottsville, KY

There is a girl named Andie . She’s sixteen years old, and lives in a small two-bedroom trailer next to the Fish-n-Game club. It has woods behind it, and is very pretty in the autumn. She’s about over 5 foot 5, and weighs a tad bit more than she should for her age, but she likes it. It’s her. She’s got shoulder length curly reddish brown hair, but wants her hair to look like it did when she was younger... something around strawberry blonde. She’s got beautiful green eyes, which sometimes go a lovely grayish-blue. She has freckles which she isn’t to fond of, but lives with them anyways.
Andie is a naturally happy person, unless something happens. She cares too much; she can’t hate. She wants to change that so much, but cant… it’s the way God created her. She can get angry or upset easily, she’s not sure why. According to others, Andie is “grown up” for her age. She knows many big words that would confuse some college students, and thinks before she acts. She’s done much growing up in the 4 ½ years that she’s lived in little Scottsville. She does have a small tendency to try to argue her point, even if it’s wrong.
She believes in “yes sir,” “no, sir,” “yes ma’am,” “no, ma’am,” She believes in some sayings. Such as some that Yoda said on Star Wars, and other quotes that make sense when you sit and think about them.

“Do or do not. There is no try.”

“Never tell a young person that anything cannot be done. God may have been waiting centuries for someone ignorant enough to do that very thing.”

“Better to beg forgiveness then to ask permission.”

Her friends and family are her life. Without them, she’d not have the motivation to wake up in the mornings. Her family is large; she has 5 brothers and one sister. Her true brother, Steve, and she have always been close since they were young. She never really got too close to the others. Her friends are amazing. She has the best friends any sixteen year old girl could ask for. They’re always there for her, and she’s been there for them. She has a boyfriend, but he’s no longer in school, he graduated from Fullerton High School in Holstein, Nebraska in May 2007. In fact, the only people in Allen County who know him are her friends and some of her family… he’s not from here.
Andie’s political views are confusing, even to her. She doesn’t know what to believe. To some, she may seem Republican, Democrat, or Liberal. She took some online quizzes and it said she was Liberal. Maybe she is. Who knows?
Oh how she loves art… she loves photography, literature, music, art, dance, theatre, and sometimes drama... not often though. Her favorite artist is M.C. Escher. Her favorite type of music is rock and “classical.” Some music artists she enjoys listening to are Glenn Miller, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Beethoven, My Chemical Romance, and some more… not much, but some. She enjoys ballet, and her favorite movies are The Phantom of the Opera, Jurassic Park, Beauty and the Beast, Rent, and The Wizard of Oz. (She loves watching musical movies.) She’d like to get a new camera, but sadly can’t afford it just yet. She’s not too good at sports, but if she could choose any to play it’d be soccer. She played once as a 7 year old, but stopped playing after being hit in the face with a soccer ball when she was a goalie. She’d like to try ballet, but doesn’t think she has the… well, let’s just say “bodily requirements” for ballet.
Andie loves her God. He is what she looks forward to when she dies and goes to heaven. She has so much to ask him… it’d be a very long conversation between them. And she doesn’t try to shove religion down others throats. She doesn’t like that, she hates it when others do that to her.

Hopefully this helps you get to know young Andie. In conclusion, though, she’s a very random teenager, who loves books, art, music and photography, and just to be with her friends and family.

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