amazing friend

January 4, 2008
By Melanie Currin, Bakersfield, CA

I have this amazing friend.You cant see it from how he acts or dresses.He falls underneath a stereotype where so many people dont give him a chance.They automatically assume hes into drugs or a bad influence.They dont see the interior of who he is.
If you were to look at him.You see ripped jean jacket with many band patches.You see platform looking shoes and long hair that is sometimes multi colored.You see a boy who looks as though he has no direction in life.He falls underneath the stereotype that most people frown upon.
If people were to only however look a little deeper.They would meet this truly amazing boy.He cares so much about so many people.His intelligence surpasses so many others.He wants to be a teacher.If you got to know him.You'd be impacted to.

You'd be impacted by his kindness.The way you can talk to him about anything.Theres so many others out there like him.Their taste in clothing may not be that of mainstream society however their hearts are huge.Theirs so many people that if only given a chance could impact you for the better and teach you things about yourself that you would never have known.

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