Friends Forever We Shall Be

January 3, 2008
By Rebecca Williamson, Boody, IL

The first day of pre-school was a very exciting and yet nervous day for me until I met a kind, short-brown-haired, hazel eyed, bright smiling girl. The two of us became the best of friends and we sat by each other all the time. We would play dress –up, make crafts, get finger paint all over each other and ride tricycles on the playground at recess time. We were inseperateable! In second grade, we joined Girl Scouts and together earned badges for community projects. I remember, while on a Girl Scout trip, my best friend and I were given the opportunity to go horseback riding. Once mounted on the horses and proceeding down the trail, we became so afraid of the snake that we had seen that it scared the horses also. We ran down the trail. Each year we would sell Girl Scout cookies and nuts to family, friends, and neighbors, earning badges and prizes for the most items sold. Many fun times were shared between us in Girl Scouts; but soon we grew older and had moved on. In fifth grade, we played four square and flag football in Mr. Kuhn’s class. When my friend got hurt or if something was wrong, I was there to help and comfort her. Even when I was going through hard times and the loss of a beloved family member, she was there to help me.
On the first day of middle school, we stood side by side giving each other encouragement and support. We felt all grown up, proud, and ready to conquer Blue Mound. As a surprise on my fourteenth birthday, my best friend organized a group of us to attend the “Casting Crowns” concert in Springfield. It was so nice of her and everyone else to pay for my ticket. I remember how we would run side-by-side in the mile run during P.E. class, and how we would roller skate together too.
We liked spending the night at each other’s house, and would stay up late watching movies and talking about boys. My favorite time at her house was when we decided to go for a bike ride. So she rode her bike and lent me her brother’s bike. When we were about a mile from her house, I couldn’t figure out why she was so far ahead of me, and why I was out of breath. It was then that we realized that not one but both of my bicycle tires were completely flat. After much laughter, we went back home.
Throughout our high school years, we will stand by one another during hard times and stand firm for what we believe in. The fun times were attending Homecoming and other special dances. We got to wear beautiful dresses and great hair-dos. We would talk about clothes, hair, boys, music, and up coming events.
On Graduation Day, we will stand by one another, smile and get our diplomas, and remember the good times at Meridian High School. The two of us will continue to stay best friends through college, even though we may be far apart. We will help each other through college and go to each other’s College Graduation.
Someday, when we each get married, she will help me into my wedding dress and stand next to me at the alter. Then, on her special day, I will stand beside her. Even though we will make new friends in our lives, I will always be her old best friend and she will be mine. It may break our hearts to know that we may be far apart. She will be there for me when I am raising my children, as I will do the same for her. Together we’ll stand side by side with our families until our children have grown up and are on their own.
We will grow old and will have to be put into nursing homes. I know that if I were to die first, she will be there with me to the end and would lay flowers on my grave. I will still live on though in her memories. If she were to pass away first, I would hold her hand and be by her side until the end. I would lay fresh flowers on her tombstone. She will always live on in my memories and my heart. Someday we will be together again in heaven.

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