My Mothers Father

January 3, 2008
The great successful american is seen by most as something that requires qualifying for honors society in high school, going to a university college or ivy league school, and then owning a huge company , having office savvy, an elongated portfolio, and working in an office all day long. As a matter of fact, most office people would find this mans success insufficient. I know a man that could prove all of this wrong. In fact, I know a very successful man who never even went to school past 8th grade. I also know a man who has never worked in an office ever in his life. This man would be my grandfather, Darty S..

Hard work to me is something that is always required to succeed in whatever it is you are approaching. I asked my grandfather what his duties were as a kid, and he told me that he was always doing chores and helping around the farm all the time. Hard work is something that builds character ,and shows integrity. I know a man who knows hard work just as well as he knows his hands. Even with his decrementing age. This hard work that he has always been known to is probably the reason for his success. Hard work throughout your life can help you with your hard times you come across. I know a man who has not complained about work as long as I can remember. This man is Darty S.

Religion to me is very important to succeed and stay level headed in all of your work. I asked my grandfather how religion affected his work, and he told me that he tries to base everything around religion, because with out it, work wouldn’t be worth much. With religion you can have a good perspective on doing and staying strong in all of your work. Without a strong faith in religion, you will not have anything to turn to or go up on when times get hard. Religion is a good drive to make you want to get up and go to work every day. I know someone who after a hard days work sits down after supper and reads his Bible for a good amount of time every night, no matter how hard the day agitated him. This man is Darty S.

Change is also something that could alter your life. Change can sometimes be for the better. Change could also be for the worse too. I asked my grandfather how he adapted with all the technological changes and he said that you just have to cope with it the best that you can, just like you change with anything else. My grandfather is a man who said that he is glad there have been some technological changes in farming. He said that going from no electricity to having cell phones and walkie talkies is a great change. He also said that going from tractors with no cabs to tractors with cabs is also a great change. All these characteristics rolled into one makes the almost perfect man. This man is Darty S.

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