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January 2, 2008
By Susan Quast, Chehalis, WA

Tacoma police officer Tim G. was on his way to work on February 11, 2002, when he got in a chain-reaction crash on Interstate 5. His left leg was crushed between two cars, and doctors had to amputate. “I lost a leg, but everything else is functioning fine,” Griffith told reporters in March. “I didn’t have a brain injury. I didn’t have any other broken bones.”

When he witnessed a car spin on the icy roadway and hit the jersey barrier head-on, his police officer instinct kicked in. He stopped his car on the shoulder and got out to check on the woman. The driver of an SUV saw Tim's Toyota Camry and hit the brakes. However, he only slipped on the ice and he hit Tim G.’s car. It slid into Tim's leg when he was standing next to the car of the woman.

Tim’s dreams of returning to work at the Tacoma Police Department came true in May 2004. In March 2002, he said, “I don’t want to sit behind a desk. I just can’t imagine myself doing that. I want to be involved.” Nevertheless, he finds himself behind a desk most days of the week as he works as a police detective. “He still gets to get out of the office sometimes,” his teenage daughter Laura said.

Tim G. says his family helped him get through the difficult time. “[I have a] tremendous family. I’ve got an amazing wife…and I want to say to all those who have prayed, thank you for the prayers.” He wasn’t thanking the air, either. Many people were praying for him. Apparently, it worked. “I want people to know that God is taking care of me,” Tim said, “and God is continuing to take care of me.” Tim is currently working as a burglary detective for the Tacoma Police Department.

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